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Beef Pho In A CrockPot – CO Guy Stuff

by Bryan Glynn, January 18, 2017
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Big thanks to my friend Chef Jason Carr of Tropicana Field home of the Tampa Bay Rays for his delicious homemade Pho recipe!  This is VERY healthy and delicious, but does take a long time to prepare and the first time you buy everything can be on the expensive side.  But over the long haul it’s not bad.  This is a traditional Vietnamese dish basically consisting of a rich homemade broth that cooks the main meat dish in the bowl at serving.  We are doing a beef tendon ball and strip variety here although there are countless variation including seafood, chicken, pork, veggie, etc.  It’s also fun exploring your local Asian/Oriental markets in your area for the ingredients! For this you will need:

10 lbs. Marrow bones
Flank steak or thin cut bottom round
Beef balls
Rice Noodles
Bean sprouts
Pho spice packet
Fish Sauce
Other garnish as you wish such as hot sauces, peppers, etc.
10 cups water

  • Corey Porter

    Just thought I would give my recommendation of how I make this. For the spice pack, wrap up all of your spices after toasting in a cheese cloth to make something that resembles a tea pack, makes clean up a lot easier than straining a whole pot. Also, my family like to garnish with a tbsp. of hoisin sauce as well, just adds to all of the complex flavors. Traditionally the soup is served with the bone marrow, though most Americans choose to discard them.

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