CigarObsession Gets A New Fence

by Bryan Glynn, January 12, 2017
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The day is finally here – with both joy and sadness, the old, falling apart but FULL of character fence, a staple of CO videos for many years…is gone.  Once I get in some new landscaping the real set will be finished, but for now I’m in awe of the new replacement!  I have always wanted one of these and am blown away with how much I love it now that the new white vinyl fence is installed!  I know better than to try and do this myself and frankly the savings were not that much, certainly not enough to waste a few days work plus tool rentals plus materials just to have it not perfect.  This is a commercial grade unit with a lifetime warranty that transfers to the next owner.  It’s the last time I have to worry about the fence other than washing it 1-2 times a year 🙂

  • Bob Lebowski

    Looks great Bryan! Huge difference.

  • Fiend4Mojitos

    Vinyl is final…

  • Robert

    Congratulations on the new fence, it really brightens up the place.

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