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Top 3 Best Cigar Starter Sets 2017 Under $50 $135 & $240

by Bryan Glynn, January 7, 2017
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Top 3 Best Cigar Starter Sets 2017 Under $50 $135 & $240 – Here are my top 3 suggestions for putting together rock solid selections of all the basics you need at three different cigar storage tiers from beginner through several box intermediate to advanced with many box capability. Of course you can mix and match and there is a LOT of personal call wiggle room but these are all certain winners to go from.


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  • Mr Bill

    Would have added Boveda humidor tune-up kit and a ashtray. A Stinky for me.

  • Jacob S.

    This helps me a TON to get started in cigars! I’m sort of mixing the $50 and $135 options for something around $100. I have smoked premium cigars before recently and really enjoyed it. I already have butane and a torch lighter so not getting those.
    1. Sistema 232 oz. container $13
    2. Boveda 65% 4-Pk. 60-gram packs $19.70 (Wont have many cigars in the beginning so I will have a lot of air space, so getting these.)
    3. Caliber 4R IV R Round Digital Hygrometer $25 (You said with the small container you really don’t need this but again I will have a lot of air space in the beginning, so to be safe I’m getting it. And I’ll eventually need it anyways so why not)
    4. Top Teng Cutter (Classic version) $9
    5. Cigar Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Travel Humidor $20.58 (Will soon be gone for two weeks on “vacation” and would definitely like to take some cigars. I know I wont be able to smoke everyday so 10 cigars will be just fine)
    6. Boveda 65% 10-Pk. 8-gram packets $13 (Mainly just for the cigar caddy since I know you highly recommend throwing out the florist foam and using something different.) TOTAL: $100.23 w/ Free Shipping (I have 6 months of free Amazon Prime since I’m a student)
    If you see this let me know what you think. – Jacob S.

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