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CO & Blanco Cigars Weight Loss Challenge

by Bryan Glynn, January 2, 2017
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CigarObsession and Blanco Cigars are putting on a Weight Loss Challenge to any viewer that wants to participate!  This kick off video goes through the simple rules and shows you exactly what you need to do, to get in and weigh-in each week.  Below are all the particulars for reference.  The start is this Sunday, Jan 8th, ending 12 weeks later for the final check and grand prize pay out April 2nd 2017.

If you drive/fly/travel for work, hotels or parking lots are just fine for weigh-in locations.

This FitBit Aria Scale is awesome: http://amzn.to/2hOASwf

12 weeks of weigh-ins, done each Sunday and uploaded to the weekly post in the CO Fans Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cigarobsession/

Weigh-In videos must be in the format shown, no exceptions to count.
– Missed weigh-ins or weight gained in a week result in a 2 cigar penalty to be sent to the winner at the end of the contest.

– Any further video content such as personal updates, tips, etc. are optional but may contribute to incremental prize winnings.

– Buy-in to participate is $20 cash + 5 at least ‘GOOD’ cigars. No low end crap. You can always drop ship. David Blanco will be the non-participant sponsor and holder of prizes, buy-ins will go to him:

Blanco Cigars
Weight-Loss Challenge
6399 142nd Avenue North
Suite 117
Clearwater, FL 33760

– Grand prize is winner take all. I am excluding myself from all cigar winnings in the unlikely event I win – it will go to 2nd place.

– Each week is also it’s own competition with a prize of 5 Blanco cigars going to it’s winner. A ton of new stuff is coming out over the course of the challenge such as the rest of the CO line, ‘new’ American Legion, new 9, etc.

– I will also be having weekly votes here in the group and sending out a ton of CO TShirts or goodies.

– The competition is only based on % weight lost.

– Participants grant me permission to use at least snippets from weigh-in vids in weekly CO Update vids.

– This will be US only

Oh and to anyone that will be in it – take it from me, you are going to be pounded with 50 different experts all telling you 50 different right ways of how you should be doing things, even if you never asked. Take it, leave it, up to you. Just know it will come.

To sign up email me at bryan@cigarobsession.com and send in your buy-in by Jan 8th.

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