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The Right And Wrong Way To Use YouTube Ratings

by Bryan Glynn, December 13, 2016
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The Right And Wrong Way To Use YouTube Ratings – A recent casual comment spurred a thought so I polled a big chunk of my views.  I asked if they rated videos on YouTube based on if they like the product, or if it’s a good video production.  The results were staggering and I found myself with an eye opening revelation that I was in the minority in the way I use and expected others to use the rating system.  Viewers, please take note.  Content creators, this might be a bit of a wake up call too, you might want to adjust your content.

  • Esoth

    BG, fan of the site who has understood the proper use of ratings. Give viewers a chance to change their practice. Your request for rating feedback was clear to me but obviously not to everyone, so take an extra minute at the end and belt and suspenders the rating system and see what happens. I think your reviews of problematic sticks are both entertaining, informative and give you credibility. It would be a shame if in order to address the voting errors, you adjusted your selection process to predominantly select the most popular brands in an effort to improve ratings. For my part, I will make it a habit to view the videos on YouTube and vote rather than simply watching from your general site, where the email notices direct me. Thanks and keep up the fine work.

  • Joe Long

    With you video’s though you cant just pick the stuff people like to get thumbs up cause everyone’s taste are different and you will never make people happy. I just think people didn’t realize it was hurting your ratings by doing this. All of your videos are top notch for most part and I always give thumbs up even if I don’t like the product. I feel ya bro I would just keep doing what your doing and the hell with what people give or don’t give.

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