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What Happens If You Smoke A Cigar In One Puff?

by Bryan Glynn, November 2, 2016
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What Happens If You Smoke A Cigar In One Puff? – So a short backstory.  Years ago I was in talks with a cigar company to shoot an ad.  My idea was a cigar of pure ash and a catchy phrase.  I didn’t want to do it in photoshop, I wanted it to be real!  So I devised a plan to use our house vacuum with a little funnel on the end to seal against the cigar, which I put on a glass plate.  Well, it worked, I got my cigar of ash.  But…it ruined the vacuum and it never entered the house again lol!  Oh and that was the last time I discussed shoot plans without a contract.  The company broke off talks after I showed a proof.  An almost identical ad showed up from a different company shortly there after.  Who knows.

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