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Purge Unburned Butane From Your Cigars?

by Bryan Glynn, October 26, 2016
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Purge Unburned Butane From Your Cigars? – During the last CO Live show, our guest claimed that it was important to purge your cigar during lighting before you start puffing on it or the unburned butane from your torch would make it’s way in to the tobacco and spoil the cigar.  Needless to say I was skeptical of the claim and it was bugging me.  So let’s try to prove or disprove that theory shall we?

  • William Burke

    Yeah, I remember. I thought he was doing a parlor trick then, and I think so now….BEFORE I see the results of your experiment!! I call BEE ESS.

  • Justin Brei

    I was pretty skeptical myself when i saw it in the CO live. Not that I believe it will change anything, but shouldn’t you have lit the cigar with the cedar sleeve/spill to really test it? You still lit the cigar with a butane lighter and according to his theory, sucked in the butane. You only blew it out over the cedar flame, over which any flame would do.

    • Uh, no.

      • Live4cigars

        seemed a logical critique of the ‘test’ to me so can u elaborate specifically on the “no”? Also, if Malven’s comment that it’s the smoke being ignited, even if we remove butane entirely from the test, how can we control for knowing whether it is simply heated air or if it’s heated smoke particulate that is being ignited?

        • Simply put – it’s ridiculous to think that butane gas would magically stick around for all those puffs and even in to the 2nd sleeve. Common sense is anything but common.

  • Will Malven

    this is the problem with seeing a phenomenon and drawing a conclusion about what has happened without the benefit of a knowledge of basic science. Smoke is composed of unburned particulate matter and the off-gasses from the heated tobacco. when you hold a flame to that smoke, it will flash-burn.

    it’s much the same effect that causes a fuel-air explosion to be so much more destructive than a simple TNT explosive–tiny droplets of fuel behave just like the smoke…or as in when a grain elevator explodes. Any finely divided aerosol will behave in this manner.

    So…when he says it’s butane, he’s blowin’ smoke…literally

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