PerfecDraw v Modus Cigar Tool Shootout

by Bryan Glynn, October 17, 2016
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PerfecDraw v Modus Cigar Tool Shootout – Until now, if you wanted to try and fix a tight draw on a cigar you had but one choice – to poke a hole(s) in it. This is never my preferred method, as all you are doing is pushing tobacco around, possibly damaging the wrapper and at best just creating an air tunnel. You are NOT fixing the cause of the problem, tight bunches of tobacco impeding proper air flow THROUGH the tobacco to evenly burn, produce smoke and thus the most flavor. These two new tools purport to change the game, let’s see how they work.


  • Tom

    Had a look at the PerfecDraw site. It looked good until I saw the freight cost to Australia $33.20 + the PerfecDraw. With the conversion to $AU that’s 96 bucks Australian to get it here. Mind you it costs around $30 AU for an average cigar so not many get chucked hahaha. Like your site mate.

    • Rod Kurthy

      Thanks for that info. We just recently launched the PerfecDraw, and just started offering international shipping. I’ll have my team look into this. The problem is, I believe, tracking. Obviously we need tracking ability.

      We actually discussed how we might be able to get the international shipping costs down and still have trackability. Keep checking back! I’m on it!


      Rod Kurthy

  • byar

    Great review. First, let say I am amazed at the quality of handrolled cigars, as for a man made product, they are mostly well done. However, as you point out, a tight draw is annoying. I bought the Perfdraw about two weeks ago, and have used it a couple of times, once on a lancero with a knot and once on a bellicoso. It worked as advertised. For $40 it is well worth the price,just for increasing smoking pleasure.

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