How To Upgrade A Computer Clone A Drive To SSD Or Larger HDD CO Guy Stuff

by Bryan Glynn, August 18, 2016
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I upgraded my studio laptop and wanted to carry over the nice SSD I had installed in the previous system.  No sense in spending a couple hundred extra bucks just so the backup system has a great drive too!  Here’s how you can easily clone drives to do the same.  This shows you not only how to upgrade from a slow hard drive to fast SSD but going both ways – big to small and small to big.  The software is free, only the physical connections will vary, depending on your specific systems.  Internal is by far the best choice but you can do one drive at a time or use an external dock if you need to.  I suggest finding a buddy with a suitable desktop to use if you don’t have the connections or availability.

  • Joe Long

    your as bad as I am….I have 4 laptops and and desktop. wife has 3 laptops…..but we always have something to fall back on lmao

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