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CO Live Sun 7/31 4pm est w/ Blanco Cigars

by Bryan Glynn, July 30, 2016
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This will be a fairly short show, probably 30-45 minutes.  We will recap the 2016 IPCPR show with Dave Blanco, go over new FDA news, the CO 2nd Third and Final Third cigar schedules and more!  Bring your questions and we’ll get through as many as we can before the afternoon storms hit again!

  • David Homoney

    BG, you don’t mention the time of airing.

    • 4pm – it was in the video info I just forgot it in the post – thanks

      • David Homoney

        Grazie mille!

  • les kent

    I love watching you guys, I am in Australia, I like churchills, 7×70, 8x 54, how come you never review or smoke this size.
    On another note, we pay nearly $700 per kg duty on cigars, I bring in a cigar for $4 and then I can add another $15 ontop for duty, our governments punish us so much for the pleasure. Thanks guys

  • Steve

    Just watched the first several minutes of the CO Live from 7/31. Very disappointed. Dave kept saying he wasn’t gonna make it political and then compared some silly FDA regulations to the Affordable Care Act. Good Lord the privileged few! If either of you (since you nodded agreement) had a clue you would not say stupid stuff, like: If (that serial liar) Drumpf gets elected this will all go away. The cigar industry had their chances and apparently they couldn’t get a Republican controlled Congress to write one paragraph of actual law that would have stopped the FDA from regulating “premium” cigars. ONE paragraph in any Bill! Maybe the big boys (General, Swisher, Altavista, etc.) don’t want “small business” Dave to be able to compete but he would probably blame that on Obama as well. I will miss your silly videos. I thought they were about cigars and accessories, I was mistaken.
    Aloha, BOTL on Oahu Hawaii, USMC vet.

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