We Need YOU Aug 8th in DC SaveTheLeaf.org Information 1

by Bryan Glynn, June 4, 2016
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Sat Aug 6th, Sun Aug 7th and especially Mon Aug 8th, we need EVERYONE possible to attend the HERFs and demonstration being held by the industries leading manufacturers and organizations.  You just have to make hotel reservations and we take care of the rest.  Free cigars, water, transportation – we need YOU there with us to take a stand!  This is the first informational video, more to follow as more details are finalized.  Please visit the site regularly to check for updates.  Book your hotel of choice.  Indicate in the event section you are coming.  Packages for swag and signs will be available for pre-purchase soon.  Savetheleaf.org

  • Jose DeMille

    The FDA is providing the incumbent old tobacco oligarchy the
    protection they seek from the new wave of boutique cigar manufactures. Fight
    back! Attend on the 8th!

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