JetLine Rodeo Cutter and New York Cigar Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 13, 2016
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This is a two for one review since the cutter is pretty basic to talk about.  The Rodeo cutter is a double guillotine with as sharp of blades as any you’ll find.  What sets it apart is the heft and thickness plus it’s Inca like designs.  It’s all metal with a butter smooth operation.  The New York lighter is an iconic design, often imitated.  It’s a lightweight basic for sturdy unit with a combination of metal and plastic construction.  The reservoir is decently sized plus it has a fuel window.  Controls are simply a small adjustment screw and a manual fip top lid.  The flames are quite strong with a quad torch delivery and red color plate.  Wind resistance however is minimal.


    Hey Bryan great review ,but I still wait for your stogie reviews

  • bob langmaid

    Wow! What a beautiful design on that cutter!! Wish the lighter was more wind resistant, but I like the colored soft flame!!!

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