Xikar Volta Table Lighter

by Bryan Glynn, October 25, 2015
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This very heavy, chunky, solid metal lighter is more a mechanical device than a lighter.  It’s beefy, cold to the touch and feels in the hand like it belongs in a machine shop.  Very simple in design and function it simply makes fire.  The top bezel twists and locks open to reveal quad jets.  A big solid metal side button ignites while a ratcheting bottom bezel controls the flame intensity.  A large fuel window adorns the side and that’s all she wrote.  Thank you to LighterUSA.com for sending this for review! http://www.lighterusa.com/xikar-volta-quad-flame-table-top-lighter-black-10051.html

  • Darin A. Marshall

    They got it on sale for $117. Great price!! Id be into it but i have a simular one.

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