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King Havano Black Knight Toro Cigar Review 2.5 Years Aged

by Bryan Glynn, September 16, 2015
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This if a 2.5 year special follow-up to the original review.  This 6×52 box pressed stick comes in with a dark chocolate mottled wrapper, a dense firm pack, very oily, toothy feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and rich leather and cocoa aroma.  First light reveals a very snug draw with minimal mild-medium smoke with just a light earthy note on the draw that goes damn and ashtray like on the finish.  The first third improves slightly with a marginally better draw but requires double puffs to get smoke and flavor.  Draw flavors are a musty milk chocolate with the same through the long finish just ending at a damp earth.  Burn is very good and takes it’s time.  The 1/2 way point comes at 40 minutes, finally opening the draw to a normal amount and producing better smoke.  Body is still light with just a damp earth flavor that lingers through the long finish.  Construction is good with a very nice line and solid ash that holds on almost 2 inches.  Finishing at 1:20 the last third needed a big relight but eventually transitioned to a creamy nutmeg with a warm zingy finish before going out again.  And yep I realize I shot the side of the cigar LOL  Oops 😉

  • yosef5

    Well another good review of a tight cigar

  • Jsfs11

    Great review as always Brian. In my experience with aging cigars as you noted in general, I have found NCs to lose their flavor after a few years and in general I prefer them fresh.

    However as you touched on with Cuban Cigars for me almost always they improve with age, they tend to lose any harshness, some strength and the subtle flavors and aromas of the cigars become more distinct and blend together more harmoniously.

  • Eddygp

    What do you think about purging robusto cigars vs thinner ones? I personally avoid doing so with lanceros, for example, but I don’t mind with some larger ones that may have burn issues.

  • Robert

    I thought I recognized that cigar. This cigar was one of the rare cases where the larger “Mace” 6 X 60 was a much better stick.

    I agree with your comments on long term aging. There are some, i.e. Man O’ War Ruination, that definitely improve with 6 months on them. I have yet to find any cigar that was better with more than a year on it. I have no experience with Cubans so I can’t comment on them. Anyway, good review and great topic. Oh and before I forget, the new video looks killer! Whatever you did with the settings, equipment, etc. really nailed it.

  • Troy Fujimoto

    I like creamy milk chocolate notes but cannot stand tight draws requiring double puffs.

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