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The CO First Third Cigar Is Here! Live Launch!

by Bryan Glynn, September 12, 2015
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Now shipping, the CO First Third Cigar!  Inventory has arrived in the US, all the pre-orders are shipping out first thing Monday morning and all orders are now immediately fulfilled!  To order yours, click here: http://blancocigars.com/product/co-cigar-first-third/


You can see the review here:

And the Live Launch event vid here that be be streaming 7pm Eastern Sat 9/12/15:

  • Steve Newman

    Is this 7pm est

  • Dirk

    good to see you
    congrats to both..thanks Dave you rock

  • Dirk

    mine will be the first to Oregon.. Hope they are good after a big meal of fresh salmon

  • Steve Newman

    what is your favorite cigar with a cream profile under $10?

  • Dirk

    how is the 40k motorcycle?

  • jaylaura1

    Just ordered mine today. Might want to give Dave a hand with his website. Difficult to use with my iPhone. Some of the buttons didn’t work.

  • usackj

    I got mine today, I couldn’t resist smoking one rot and saving the other 4. Have to say it is a great cigar even after shipping. I’m sure it will only improve after some humi time. However I do have to say that this band sucks, you should really help this out! It is just plain and the colors are really ugly. If I saw this in a store I would assume it was a knock off just stealing the co name, and I would sadly pass it up. I want this to be a winner, so please improve the band.

  • Jorge E. Burgueño

    Did the same!! Smoked one right away!! Like the pepper!! Hope doesn’t go away too much!! I think you guys nailed… The band is not the best.. But what the hell !! It always end up the the garbage… As long as the cigar is good!!! Congratulations to CO and Blanco’s

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