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Stage V Clinger Cigar Holder Clip Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 9, 2015
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The guys at Stage-V.com sent me over a couple of their cigar clips to try out and I have to say it’s quite a useful tool, unlike most cigar gimmicks I run across.  Featuring a simple yet commercial grade design, it velcros or sticks via two small flush magnets to the surface of your choice.  The metal strips have waves to hold a few different size cigars and it’s easily bent to accommodate whatever you need, up to at least a 70rg.  There are no moving parts to break, it looks like a thick powder coating and the magnets are powerful enough to hold anywhere. EDIT: Either I missed it or they changed the site right after the review – it’s stated as $14.99 and free shipping on the site.

  • Jon H

    that video looked great….nice quality

  • Jon H

    they must have watched your video and decided they were a bit too “proud”….the price is down to 14.99 🙂

    • I said shipped…that’s $15+ shipping

      • Jon H

        free shipping on all orders…thank you for testing these things for us. would have overlooked this product if it wasn’t for your review and CO’s SOA

  • HenryC

    Great review of this holder. First holder I’ve actually considered buying. Also, this video looks amazing. Is this recorded in 4K or something? The color and clarity is amazing.

    • Thanks! Nope still 1080 and another new camera I’m trying out with different post processing.

  • BIG_Traveler

    Either you didn’t get the Joke (in the name) or just failed to mention it.
    I think it’s AWESOME, BTW.
    It’s from the movie Wedding Crashers & describes someone who is very insecure, needy and/or clingy.

    • Someone mentioned that yesterday on YouTube. No I didn’t get it, I didn’t remember that line from the movie.

  • motionsick

    If you think that price is bad, they won’t ship to Canada, and on amazon they want $30 each.

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