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Mystery Blind Celebrity Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 20, 2015
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I met with Matt of FQCigars.com tonight for some smokes, drinks and conversation. We exchanged several cigars and I hit him up with an unbanded blind stick review for his thoughts. $1 house blend perhaps? Matt is a talented blender that spends a lot of time down in Nicaragua when not out handling his own brand here in FL!

  • Gabe Chapman

    How long had they been stored, how old were they?

    • I didn’t look at the box code. It was direct from the shop owner from an active box that had at least been there a while. Very good conditions, thousands of other sticks right there.

    • You can ask Evan what the code is if you think it matters πŸ™‚ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004137858374&fref=ts

      • Gabe Chapman

        You don’t mind me asking him about the box code of the Monte No. 2s that Bryan Glynn recently bought?

        • Of course not, that’s why I just gave you his link! And it was a gift – from him πŸ™‚

      • Gabe Chapman

        Just curious. πŸ˜‰

  • MongoJay

    I recently had my first Cuban. A Cohiba Estupendos Churchill purchased at an upscale retailer in London so there was a very little chance of it being fake. It was decent. But I have at least a dozen cigars I would smoke before I smoke that one again.

  • Bill Retskin

    Camera shy Matt is no Bryan, but he’s got an honest opinion about what he smokes. I enjoy your reviews more than several others as you intensify my enjoyment of smoking cigars. Thanks. Bill

  • I absolutely loved that! I was also thinking about Monte Cristo, we have a lot of them here in Slovakia and I also had similar experience with them. Awesome vid, man!

  • Bullet20

    Bryan, you knocked it out of the park! The celebrity blind review was awesome. I hope you will do a few more of these from time to time. Have a great day!

  • Basjoe

    Cubans use to be the only game in town. Then they got surpassed has they never evolved with technology and quality control. They are now making better cigars then 15 years ago. For whatever reason it seems that every cuban cigar must be a great cigar if not people shit on the whole Island. I have had great, good, bad Cubans. That also goes for every cigar producing country. But why is it you make a point out of bashing Cubans? Blind tasting the most popular and mass produce cigar vitola in Cuba is not a good way to determine the quality of the industry.

  • lchughes

    Really enjoyed this review. I like the blind tasting idea. I about fell out of my chair laughing when it turned out to be a Montecristo…Cuban no less!

  • joeyza

    I agree on the wild inconsistency of MC2 performance. I was able to purchase a few boxes about 8 and 10 years ago (yes two years apart). The first box was beyond stellar. Easily the best cigar I’ve smoked before that time and perhaps a top 3 all time (I have 4 left in my humidor that are for special occasions). The second box was not good at all. It ended up being the cigar I handed out while golfing. You know the type, the one you give to the non-smoker that just wants one during the round and almost never finishes it. Thanks Bryan for another great post and I really like the blind review format.

  • Gerald Snell

    Wow, that was amazing. Would not believe that Montecristo would put out a bad stick; epecially a Cuban. Do some more of those.

  • Chaz

    I really only dabble in Cubans… so much other great stuff out there… but the one word I would use to describe my experience in INCONSISTENT. I have had great cigars and absolutely horrible cigars, often within the same brand/vitola (I have only smoked “big” names- partagas, upmann, hoyo, monte, etc.). Seems like they have a huge quality control problem down there πŸ™

  • Kristopher Sigeti

    That video was very enjoyable. I liked the guest review, the blind review, and that you were still able to keep the video short with those new features. Great job!

  • BenFig33

    I’d like to see you try this with a Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI. Just nubbed one and it was phenomenal. By far my favorite cigar.

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