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Impromptu CO Live 7:15pm 8/5/15

by Bryan Glynn, August 5, 2015
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Come join the crew for another impromptu!  Hey that rhymes…

Bring your cigar questions, motorcycle questions, women questions (just kidding no one has those answers), grab a drink and a couple smokes…join the show!

  • foozer6976

    this sucks….tried to join you and says video private!!

    • As the post clearly says…replay coming soon. Shows been over.

  • foozer6976

    REALLY….don’t be a dick as you are to most……………..been following you for 6-7 years since the beginning, have won numerous contest ,even when peeps talk shit bout you and have stuck up for you, posted many comments on your reviews been the biggest follower since the beginning and you wanna comment this????… appreciate your followers more than this BIG THANKS. Maybe youre toooooo big!!!!

  • foozer6976

    SMART ASS!!!!

  • Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  • foozer6976

    AWESOME!!! keep treating you fans this way.. tyoull keep getting free cigars!!!

  • foozer6976

    ill let cigar dojo nd all the social outlets let know

  • Awesome. Bye.

  • foozer6976

    you are a god persom, thanks for all you’ve done

  • foozer6976

    tell your fat ass wife to learn her math..before she tries to teach it!!!!!

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