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Colibri Julius Matte Black & Gold Cigar Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 7, 2015
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This gorgeous black and gold lighter is a flint roller flip top in the style of an S.T. Dupont with one huge difference – it’s 2x the size!  As a big hand user that is a VERY welcome feature to me.  It keeps all the mechanical goodness and natural flame that I like in a format that is much more conducive to my use than the S.T Dupont and copy models.  It also has the feature of dual soft flames, combining to one large front, great for toasting any size cigar provided you are in calm air.  In anything above a gentle breeze, this is not the lighter you need.  Thank you to LightersDirect.com for sending this for review!

  • Mdotson

    No video this time BG?

    • Oh shitballs I knew I forgot something lol – fixed!

      • Mdotson

        Ahhh, perfect!

  • Michael Cabot

    Hey Bryan, Smoke Inn is bringing back the Tatuaje anarchy in a few days. Same blend I believe too.

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