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S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Black Cigar Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 17, 2015
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This luxury lighter from maker S.T. Dupont features a chrome and black lacquer finish on a very sleek modern design. Materials and construction are expectedly flawless, while use is simple and direct. A single side lever actuates ignition and gas flow, producing a unique VERY wind-resistant flat short flame. Feature wise it is very sparse with only the basic fill port and adjustment screw, providing only lighter duty. Though the fuel reserve is low so is usage, providing ample burn time for a box or so of smokes. Thank you to LightersDirect.com for sending this sample in for review!

  • Larry Herrington

    Great review and very true about how the lighter is not going to light any different from a cheap lighter… I have several cheap lights.. $10 to $30.00 and they all light my cigars the same.. I will one day have a nice lighter, because I want one and not because I think it will light a cigar better… Thanks Bryan for your reviews.. Always on target!

  • lchughes

    Very good review. I guess it comes down to the statement you want to make. It’s like the difference in a Timex and a Rolex. They both tell time, one just does it with more style. Having said that, I like my Timex.

  • Paul

    I don’t lose stuff. Ever. I have no issues paying $160 for something I will have for 10+ years, and this has all the features I want (looks, flat flame, windproof, slim profile in the pocket, name brand). I DO think for that money ST Dupont should provide a lifetime warranty instead of 2 years, but my 1995 Prometheus gets fixed for $25 when it craps out, so maybe it’s not a biggie? Anyone have experience getting ST Duponts fixed and can you say how much it cost?

  • JC

    Great review! Bought this last week, without having read it, and after using it for a week, I completely agree with you.

    I like this lighter a lot. It’s slim, light, easy to use and very effective, and since all my smoking is done outdoors, not dropping the flame in wind is essential and I probably wouldn’t even go outside in the wind this lighter couldn’t cope with, much less smoke. On top of this It looks great and feels great and I haven’t refilled it yet, even if I only lighted half a dozen so far, I have been running it at least double that time fiddling with it. So if light and slim is what you’re looking for, then you should definitely have a look at this one, and it’s not crazily priced either.

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