CO Live With Joel Vazquez-Marrero Of Marrero Cigars Tonight 9PM

by Bryan Glynn, May 7, 2015
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small_1636Joining us in just a few hours will be Joel Vazquez-Marrero of Marrero Cigars for another exciting CO Live!  This show will be a first for Marerro so let’s show him some love and great participation!  Anyone is welcome to get on the live chat through the link below (use a desktop browser for best results if chatting) and ask your cigar questions directly to Joel and I!  The show is done – replay is up!


We will have lots of giveaways through the show for those participating live so there will be plenty of people getting to try his blends for free very shortly 🙂



  • Tom R.

    Nice display

  • Tom R.

    Traveling over a weekend humadors at 70 like to have um around 65-8
    Will they loose enough or too much humidity just bagging them ?

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