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Guy Stuff Surf N Turf And Cajun Shrimp Kababs

by Bryan Glynn, April 28, 2015
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This is a special meal I make once in a blue moon only because it’s not inexpensive lol! But I pull it out for dinner & a movie night with friends or like tonight when I just really crave it. It’s a combo of Surf N Turf & cajun shrimp kababs on the grill! Of course you can scale it down, or just do the steak if you want to save some cash. But the combo is fantastic the way I show it. I also give you my secret seasoning recipe and show why a Sams or Costco membership can pay for itself many time over very easily if you cook like I do. Those of you that have watched me long enough know I don’t BS. Many of you have told me how much you liked my burger video, and I’ll tell you what this one will impress people even more, guaranteed.

  • Uncle_Salty

    Looks great Bryan. I made chicken kabab last night.

  • smokethis

    Iron Chef Glynn strikes again.

  • Matt Walker

    The Wife said “I want this for Mothers day dinner” who am I to so no.

  • Mario Alfaro

    The mad scientist strikes again! Got these chillin in the fridge for tonight. Oh Baby!

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