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Alec Bradley The Burner Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 4, 2015
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Untitled-1This is a really sweet table top soft flame lighter in the style of an oil lamp. It has simple direct controls for adjusting flow to the venturi, an ignition bottle and a huge chrome reservoir to hold a ton of fuel. It’s good for any calm conditions and by far the best option for a gentle toast of your cigars!

  • Paul

    Boy, that is a perfect and gorgeous indoor lighter. Jealous!

  • Rob

    Wow! You nailed that on the head Bryan, stunning might be an understatement. That lighter is sick!!!

  • smokethis

    Very nice lighter.

  • Dude Here

    Nice quickie review Bryan. I’ve had my Burner for about a year now and love it. One thing I gotta say though is that trying to toast with the flame cranked all the way up is pretty tricky. I usually end up torching the end of my smokes doing that. Luckily, you can adjust the flame down pretty low, which makes it much more manageable. In fact, turning it to just above off produces a very nice orange soft flame. Also, you nailed it about the lack of wind resistance. Even at full throttle a gentle breeze will cause the flame to sway all over the place.

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