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CO Live Wed 1/21/15 9pm est With Jack Torano Of Roberto Duran Cigars

by Bryan Glynn, January 18, 2015
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co_shirtEDIT: The contest is closed, congratulations to the following: Joshua Lawther, JStrick, DickeyDad, iFratTx & TacticalAngler! Guys, email me your contact info and I’ll pass it all on to Jack! bryan@cigarobsession.com

This will be the first show in the new studio! Joining us this time is Jack Torano of Roberto Duran Cigars out of Miami. We will be talking about him, the company, their lineup, answering all your questions, playing with pairings and having fun! Please join us if you can live and be part of the show!

Anyone can view, but you have to use a desktop version browser to join the live chat. Ask questions, say hi!

THE pic 😉


  • Dave Barbieri

    Gino Cigars contest entry

  • gatorjd2012

    tight white ash

  • Stephen K

    RubberDuckyPDX. Hope to win!

  • Sam Giroux

    Sam Giroux youtube user name

  • pinot45


  • jaytdang


  • Shane

    Shane Gross

  • Ben Miller

    Ben Miller for the cigar contest

  • Sean Skallerud

    Sean Skallerud, thanks for the show.

  • Andy

    Andy Meresse…..Thoroughly enjoyed the show guys!!

  • Nick

    Nick Deamer

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Chris Rodriguez – YouTube name

  • dinger429


  • DopiestAndy

    Andy D, great show guys. Definitely can’t wait to try some of the line

  • tom strickland

    Thanks again for another informative, and entertaining live show Bryan, and thanks for joining Jack! Tom strickland you tube name.

  • UrbanUpmann

    TacticalAngler is my youtube name.

  • Brandon McLain

    Brandon McLain

  • Matt Verstuyft

    iFratTx <—- I really need to change that name

  • steve


  • ORDRyanFly


  • USA2ndAmendment


  • MinnesotaJoes

  • Good show

  • Ryan

    deloreanfan81 on youtube

  • Costa Rica Yogi

    richardneumann88 – great show … again.

  • Brandon McLain

    What’s the best way to ask questions on the show?

  • Joshua Lawther

    Joshua Lawther Youtube Name

  • Love Lace

    sup B (jqcbigdog) is the CO live user name

  • Alex Palanker

    yerminator for contest entry

  • BigPhilly

    BigPhilly for contest. YouTube name Big Philly

  • John Saunders

    Good show. Cigar contest entry

  • Brandon McLain

    Even if I don’t win a sampler I’m buying some of those sticks anyways

  • B Utah

    B Utah in chat
    Enjoyed Jack’s visit. People in chat were great too.

  • mufdvr6976

    awesome show….user name joe canez

  • Love Lace

    great show B

  • Sveinn

    Sveinn Kallinen YouTube handle.

    Thanks for answering my questions!

  • dragyours2001

    Dragyours2001 for youtube comments.

  • MinKu Kim

    MinKu Kim, Youtube user name for contest

  • Steve


  • Tim G

    Great Show Thanks again Jack, Bryan, and Dave……..From Tim G

  • Dan Reese

    Dan Reese

  • Bruno P

    Great show, Leaving a comment!

  • Jvrzoso

    Jvrzoso, enjoyed the show!

  • Swede214

    Good show as always, thanks for answering my question.

  • DickeyDad

    DickeyDad is my YouTube handle. Great show again!

  • Larry Herrington

    Great Show Bryan…

    • Love Lace

      great show larry

      • Larry Herrington

        Had fun.. He always does a good job.. Love the new Gazebo studio too

  • smoke dogg

    Great show Bryan, user 28steelhead.

  • strick9

    JStrick is FB user name.
    Thanks for answering my question Bryan!

  • swanly

    Great show, guys. Would love to get an entry. User name “swanly”

  • John Corbett

    Username: Johnathon Corbett
    For the contest! Thanks again! Great show, watched live from beginning to end!!

  • Michael Sadkin

    Great show guys. Really enjoyed it.

  • strick9

    JStrick is youtube name, not FB.
    Sorry but late night.

  • hilliard114

    Username: Adam Hilliard
    These shows are fantastic, it’s a great way to learn about different products and the people behind them!

  • nhahguod

    Youtube user name: nhahguod
    Loved the show and the new set. I hope more cigar manufacturers see the benefit of appearing on CO.

  • Cuneyt Kilic

    I have been waiting for this show since I am a big fan of Torana Cigar. Thank you Bryan. That was an awesome show again. Keep it up! My youtube username: Cuneyt Kilic

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