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Impromptu CO Pre-Turkey Day Live Tuesday 11/25 4:30pm EST

by Bryan Glynn, November 25, 2014
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ipw0006Join me for a couple hours of hanging out Tuesday 11/25 4:30pm EST (live show is now done), enjoying some smokes if you got um and shooting the breeze! Anyone can view. If you want to participate in the live chat you just have to be on a desktop (non mobile) version of your browser.

  • GroundedPilotMatt

    Wish this started after business hours.

    • Yeah well that would mean it’s dark out and that doesn’t work for me here 🙂

      • GroundedPilotMatt

        I hope to catch some of it live. If not, can you recommend a good Thanksgiving cigar for us(me) new aficionados? I will watch unlive version.

  • bill deluca

    i am on ,from utah

  • bill deluca

    I heard I think from you and others that the flavor of a cigar comes mostly from the wrapper,if that is true the big ring sizes make no sense

  • bill deluca

    thank you for all you do for new smokers,you and your family have a great Thanksgiving

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