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Screwpop 2.0 Cigar Punch Cutter Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 19, 2014
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Untitled-1Coming out again with a new version and product changes, this is 2.0 of the Screwpop. A cigar punch cutter for your keychain that also features a bottle opener. Does it improve on version 1? We’ll see.

  • BIG_Traveler

    I would have thought that screwing the 2 pieces together would have cleanly ejected the cap. I guess you could always use the ‘Spit Ball’ method & blow it into the yard! LOL With a list price of $14.95 (CI has them for $7.99) it’s not a bad purchase to carry around.
    Thanks BG!!!

  • yosef5

    Per usual another good review Thanks

  • Gary ruffier

    Been following u for about a year now and just finally realize you sound like Seth Rogen have u heard this before

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