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Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Natural Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 29, 2014
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Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Natural Cigar Review

This 5×54 stick features a brown box pressed wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap, slight mottling and rich cedar aroma. First light reveals a very loose draw with plentiful medium-full bodied smoke output showing flavors of a peppery tobacco with leather and a deep cocoa on the draw quickly followed by a deeper spicy finish that’s on the short side. The first third very quickly shifts to an incredibly creamy and smooth note with a soft subtle leather joining on the draw, followed by a slightly sweet cedar through the finish, dropping the big pepper right away. The 1/2 way point comes earlier than expected at 30 minutes, bringing a bit of the pepper back but not in a big blast, just with a nice balance of the profile. The cocoa is still there and the soft cream still dominates. Ending at 1:10 the last third really doesn’t change much, just adding a faint coffee to the finish and again bringing the pepper down. No strength!! One of my favorite Padron blends for sure, and a home run once again.

  • MongoJay

    Ok Bryan, you started with a cigar of the year joke, but in all honesty is this the best cigar you have reviewed all year and would you think it deserving of the title if a publication were to award it “cigar of the year”? I know you frown upon rankings, and things like that, but I figure you might be able to make a special comment on this is a special cigar…

  • Brian

    The whole time I’m watching the video I keep looking waiting for the ashes to fall on your lap. Lol, it always seems to happen to you during a video. Especially since you talk with your hands which makes the video. Great work Brian and I really want to try this cigar now. Have a good one

  • whtshadow5@msn.com

    Hey Bryan..Like the BMW.3i..Afraid to try ..Will stick with my 3 dollar specials..

  • Behind_da_Curtain

    Good review. Sounds like a great stick!

  • Greg Bellante

    Yes Sir. A truly great cigar … I’ve had a few but just recently i was at Nat Sherman Townhouse in NYC and the manager had me try one of Nat Sherman’s vintage brands called “Epoca” and it comes close to the Monticristo #2 Habana it’s that good. It has Nicaraguan&Dominican Cuban seed long fillers and an exquisite Ecuadorian wrapper. The Nat Sherman Sterling is also a fantastic super creamy smooth cigar probably the 2 best non-Cubans money can buy along with the Padron Anniversary line. Super Review Bryan.

  • Michael Ferrer

    Reveiw of the year, Bryan. Appreciated the tip on controlling the loose draw from getting too hot. I’m doing that right now with a MF Antillas.

  • Micah Repke

    3 years ago, right after birth of my daughter, my wife and I decided we needed to get out of debt if we were to give our children the kind of childhood we wanted to give them. I have never had a Padron. I plan on buying one of these next year when we through our debt free party. Thanks for the review, Bryan!

  • Osvaldo Morales

    Great review as always. Hope to try this one soon!

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