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$250 Gold Cigar Contest

by Bryan Glynn, August 26, 2014
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OK here’s a unique one for you! Enter to win a $250 Gold Cigar from Daniel Marshall! Yep, you can smoke (or keep and display) this beauty and impress your jealous buddies 🙂 There are tons of ways to qualify for this one, and it runs for a few extra days than normal – plus you can tweet once a day for even more entries.

Comment below with what you would do with this if you won, then use the app to enter. Must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address to qualify.

Good luck!

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  • A Huge Nerd

    I’d probably give it as a gift.

  • Morgan

    If I won, I’d show it off at the firehouse

  • LunchBox87km

    Keep it on display save it and give it to my son if he likes cigars

  • Daniel Sink

    Keep it on display for sure. Let my kid smoke it at his/her wedding.

  • s5592c

    Store it for a while and think about it.

  • Patrick J. Morales

    I would smoke it right away!

  • Sak Mcl

    I’m pretty sure I’d go all smeagle on you guys and move to a dark cave and call it my precious. On a real not I’d probably age it and one day…One day burn it down! !

  • Tim

    I would hold on to till one of my daughters get married then smoke it. Thanks for the contest.

  • Angelo Dodaro

    I would smoke this while wearing a tuxedo on a yacht with a live cellist playing in the background.

  • Dale

    Smoke it up of course 🙂

  • bluesmanhop

    Show it, then smoke it.

  • Al Quackenbush

    I’d show it off to my buddies, then I’d smoke it. Life’s to short to hang on to things like that for too long!

  • WT1295

    I would have it for my 21st birthday.

  • matt vitale

    I would get a great bottle of red wine n smoke it with a couple buds on my birthday

  • Mats von Wowern

    I’d let it mature in Bryan’s best humidor and when the time is right, pop over to Holiday (?!) and enjoy it in the company of our #1 cigar guru…

  • VanZant

    Probably save it for years and have it at my daughters wedding. She is due in October!

  • RyanPT

    Id have to let it sit in the humidor until a worthy event and enjoy it with a nice scotch

  • Caleb

    I am thinking this would be a good smoke upon my exodus from the military.

  • Brad Hafner

    I’ve seen people smoke these with the gold on it or peel it off. Which way?!

  • RanceP

    Save it for when I get, and I will get, my first hole in one!

  • LV2HNT

    I would put it in the humidor for when I retire in about 8 years,,, should have some good age by then.. LOL

  • Arthur

    I am about to go to flight school to learn to fly helicopters. I would definitely use this cigar as my celebration for completing school.

  • Michael Cabot

    I would save it for a while and decide at a later time.

  • moises sandoval

    I would save it for a special occasion such as the birth of my first child or wedding

  • Texican

    Save it for a very special occasion.

  • CutLightSmoke

    I would display it on the top shelf of my humidor and smoke it in a decade for my anniversary!

  • John Hernandez

    I would save it for retirement.

  • Tmurray311

    Smoke it of course! How many can say they smoked a gold cigar before?

  • drk204

    If I were to win this Gold Cigar, I would place it in a Lighted Humidity controlled Glass case until the day My Daughter gets Married and Smoke it on that Day.

  • kwazee5

    Look at it a lot. Get as many other people I can to look at it a lot. Finally, smoke it.

  • Mark VanSledright

    I think I would show it off a little, but eventually I would smoke it!

  • Krzystofczyk

    I would take a few photos, look at it awhile, then get it cut up and start toasting. 😉

  • sdh3237

    I would smoke it the day I finally retire.

  • Christopher Brose

    That would be my show cigar!

  • Swede214

    I will smoke this cigar!

  • mary


  • Victor Salas

    I’d leave that one for display.

  • rick remington

    Get a custom humidor with a glass window for all to see. Then probably smoke it. Maybe when my daughter gets married? Or I retire? Or when we have a grandchild? (after my daughter gets married)

  • I would save it for a special occasion, and then smoke it.

  • jwbreeze

    display it of course, until it was ready to smoke!

  • Eric Parker

    I’d give it to my Father-In-Law, John, who loves cigars more than I.

  • Pierre-Henri Landriau

    I would smoke it when my first kid is born.

  • Mandobro

    I’d probably smoke it

  • dyieldin

    Take pics of it and then smoke it.

  • Garret Robinson

    Thinking I would do the exact opposite of what I write here… so I’m gonna say I will smoke it then put its ashes in a case.

  • Joseph Davis

    I would take pictures of it, save it until my first child was born then share it with my father.

  • Brad Hafner

    I’m just thinking about how funny it would look to smoke a gold cigar.

  • Chad Winston

    This cigar would end up in my humidor and be shown to friends who I think would be interested. Impressing other guys with this wouldn’t be exactly hard so I might also just buy a plastic case for it and encase it in plastic as a desk ornament…

  • 17leaves

    I’d keep it in a display case until my grandson gets married or blesses me with a great-grandson/granddaughter.

  • Brent Towns

    I would send it to my fauther who is a gold dealer. I think he would love it. Keep the reviews coming i check the site everyday for the lastest.

  • Anthony Albanese

    I think I’m ready to pop the question to my beautiful girlfriend. However, I’ve been beating around the bush when it comes to asking my girlfriends father for his blessing. I think this golden ticket cigar would aid in that process 😉

  • VeritasRex

    I think I’ll smoke it when we have our first grandchild. (Yeah, like that;s gonna happen )

  • John Yang

    keep it in the humidor and show it off

  • Kevin Longacre

    Futurama season 5 episode 11 “Three Hundred Big Boys” and Bender with the “La Grand” cigar. That’s what this reminds me of and his strategy for smoking it would be perfect…except I wouldn’t accidentally light the whole place on fire.

  • Dave Piavis Jr.

    pretty damn awesome

  • Jerrod

    I think I’d save this until my band gets an amazing record deal, or when I get married. we’ll see. lol

  • kevinhen16

    Definitely smoke it after graduation!

  • Smoke it of course!!

  • Bradley

    Honestly, I would probably sell it.

  • 1300mmm

    Smoke it on graduation day

  • ZombieJester

    I would smoke it.

  • Sean

    toss up between keeping it and maybe smoking it when im 50… maybe.. lol

  • Koach77

    I would do both! Keep it in a humidor “Display” to age it for a year or three, and at some point in the future, I may decide to light it up for a special occasion.

  • ncapoccia14

    I would probably just keep this on display as a conversation starter.

  • cigarman33322

    Would have to toss a coin but probably keep it!

  • Robert

    I’d have to keep it to show off but I would love to smoke it…

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I would keep it for display/conversation piece!

  • hocke68

    Tough call but I think I’d have to smoke it.

  • CigarMike5

    I’m pretty sure I would save it. But for how long I’m not sure!

  • Luis M.C.

    That’s an easy answer. I would save it in the humi for 18 yrs until my newborn son is of age and share it with him.

  • Jason

    I would smoke it when my 2nd child is born

  • E Bolton

    Hmm.. keep it on display until my wedding day – if ever!

  • kielq282

    I’d show it off in its own glass case with museum quality hygrometer and temp gauges and wait till my first born is to be married and give it to her husband on their wedding day (if I like the guy)!!!

  • kevinhen16

    Definitely wait to smoke it at graduation

  • PlatinumRespect

    I love golddddddddddd

  • Ray Chow

    Got to put on display

  • Jason

    Sell it.

  • leahcim7001

    Leave it on display as long as I can but eventually I will want to smoke it to see what it is like. Bryan, when are you going to review one?

  • Joseph John Szeremet

    I may just keep it as a conversation piece. Smoking gold foil dosnt seem safe.

  • Geo Angrick

    Auction it off for charity

  • Geo Angrick

    I would take a picture as a momento before the auction

  • Jennifer Weber

    Probably save it for a while

  • joe

    smoke it immediately!

  • Nick

    I’m a fellow professional photographer, so i imagine taking lots of photos of this beauty to share. And a cigar can only be photographed correctly when it’s showing off it’s beautiful ash and smoke, so I’ll get the privilege of tasting this amazing cigar to boot. I imagine very few of these cigars get professionally photographed, so I’d feel very lucky to get the chance.

  • Scott Wilson

    I would keep it on display

  • paul

    Definitely use as a conversational stick!

  • gamemaster55

    smoke it!!

  • Ryan Nelson

    display it until the correct time comes to enjoy it. Cigars are made to be smoked, right!?

  • Ellis

    On Friday, my band is getting the opportunity of a lifetime and starting a tour where we will play for about 2,000 people…25 times. When I get home (or if another tour comes up), I’d use this as my celebration cigar. Paired with a nice single malt.

  • Bullet20

    There is no way I would smoke it, it would have to be a display piece for the office.

  • Kerner1994

    I would leave it on display for everyone to see and would probably smoke it on a very special occasion.

  • Vito Lumetta

    I golf with an international group of people every September,wonderful folks. Recently I’ve been showing up in knickers with dress shirt, tie & cap.I would sport the gold cigar in photos with my friends there.

  • Don

    I would probably leave it on display in a cheap shadow box 🙂 Accent my humidor by hanging it above it.

  • kellyj

    i would certainly keep it a while…store it, possibly display it. Then for a special occasion….ENJOY it! If i have em..I smoke em! You never know when its your time!!

  • Rich B

    Nice. I would have to leave it to rest to show my smoking buddies and let them know about the website too!

  • turandot777

    I would keep it for a looooong time.

  • Raul

    I would keep it on display until I get married, then I would enjoy it at the wedding with The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve . A special cigar with a special drink for a special day.

  • Cody Scott

    Probably smoke and enjoy. Simple as that. Be a great story.

  • brian wool

    If i won i would wait till i moved to LA in two years, Rent out a penthouse for a night or two and enjoy the nice view with a bunch of friends and enjoy the cigar.

  • irun26.2

    I would smoke it!

  • Repsol425

    I would definitely have to hang on to this one for the right moment. A once in a lifetime cigar requires perfect timing.

  • Brandon

    I would buy the most mature bottle of scotch I could afford and smoke low and slow

  • TacticalStogie

    Smoke it of course!!

  • lefty177

    I would smoke it with my friends that don’t understand cigars so they think I’m smoking a stick of gold

  • dragyours2001

    I would take it to the closest cash for gold to see their faces. Then after I was amused I would smoke it

  • Eric Courtney

    Would buy a custom glass case for it and put it over my fireplace.

  • Joe Foderaro

    I would definitely display this beauty

  • Todd

    Sit, and stare…. for a long time…

  • Leon

    I would keep it for a while, save it for a special occasion, but eventually I would definitely smoke it. It’s a cigar! What else is it for? 🙂

  • PsycotikMind

    I’d build a nice box to display it in until just the right occasion.

  • Stephen

    I’d show it off to all my friends and make them jealous 🙂

  • Michael

    I would probably smoke it and the weep bitterly as I collect the ashes and put them in a mason jar.

  • Zach Grey

    Definitely would have to show this off

  • Devin Lorenzini

    Id have to smoke this with my grandpa, the one who introduced me to cigars

  • Joseph Luzzo

    Me, I would have a display case around it of some sort you know a real nice one, like a placard type thing or one you display on a coffee table or book shelf. I would have inscribed what it is, where it’s from and made of and where I won it from also the year. It would be in my man cave/smoking room.

  • Jebadiah

    I would smoke it on a special occasion, or display it for all to see its beauty.

  • I would light it up like the Fourth of July…

  • puffrey

    I would smoke it and take a video so that when I talk about it people will know that I am not full of it

  • Brian Hirsius

    I would just put it on display… Nothing more

  • Congrats Sak

  • Daniels

    Ummmmmm? Smoke it of course! Right in front of my Cigar smoking buddy!

  • Sak Mcl

    Holy crap I never win these things!

  • Sak Mcl

    Wait, how do we claim?

    • Your email used to enter was sent to Daniel Marshall – send them a note if you have not heard anything.

      • Sak Mcl

        Thanks, I found the notification email in my spam just now.

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