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Aug 26

$250 Gold Cigar Contest

Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 in World of CO


OK here’s a unique one for you! Enter to win a $250 Gold Cigar from Daniel Marshall! Yep, you can smoke (or keep and display) this beauty and impress your jealous buddies :) There are tons of ways to qualify for this one, and it runs for a few extra days than normal – plus you can tweet once a day for even more entries.

Comment below with what you would do with this if you won, then use the app to enter. Must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address to qualify.

Good luck!

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  • Repsol425

    I would definitely have to hang on to this one for the right moment. A once in a lifetime cigar requires perfect timing.

  • Brandon

    I would buy the most mature bottle of scotch I could afford and smoke low and slow

  • TacticalStogie

    Smoke it of course!!

  • lefty177

    I would smoke it with my friends that don’t understand cigars so they think I’m smoking a stick of gold

  • dragyours2001

    I would take it to the closest cash for gold to see their faces. Then after I was amused I would smoke it

  • Eric Courtney

    Would buy a custom glass case for it and put it over my fireplace.

  • Joe Foderaro

    I would definitely display this beauty

  • Todd

    Sit, and stare…. for a long time…

  • Leon

    I would keep it for a while, save it for a special occasion, but eventually I would definitely smoke it. It’s a cigar! What else is it for? :)

  • PsycotikMind

    I’d build a nice box to display it in until just the right occasion.

  • Stephen

    I’d show it off to all my friends and make them jealous :)

  • Michael

    I would probably smoke it and the weep bitterly as I collect the ashes and put them in a mason jar.

  • Zach Grey

    Definitely would have to show this off

  • Devin Lorenzini

    Id have to smoke this with my grandpa, the one who introduced me to cigars

  • Joseph Luzzo

    Me, I would have a display case around it of some sort you know a real nice one, like a placard type thing or one you display on a coffee table or book shelf. I would have inscribed what it is, where it’s from and made of and where I won it from also the year. It would be in my man cave/smoking room.

  • Jebadiah

    I would smoke it on a special occasion, or display it for all to see its beauty.

  • Tennessee Vote No On 1

    I would light it up like the Fourth of July…

  • puffrey

    I would smoke it and take a video so that when I talk about it people will know that I am not full of it

  • Brian Hirsius

    I would just put it on display… Nothing more

  • wm2slc

    Congrats Sak

  • Daniels

    Ummmmmm? Smoke it of course! Right in front of my Cigar smoking buddy!

  • Sak Mcl

    Holy crap I never win these things!

  • Sak Mcl

    Wait, how do we claim?

    • Bryan Glynn

      Your email used to enter was sent to Daniel Marshall – send them a note if you have not heard anything.

      • Sak Mcl

        Thanks, I found the notification email in my spam just now.