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Aug 11

Small Cigar Assortment Contest

Posted on Monday, August 11, 2014 in World of CO

140808ddtr0001-EditEDIT: Sorry guys I goofed! I got my contests mixed up (no more three at once, lesson learned) and sent out THIS prize to another guy. So I’ll swap the prizes, now THIS one will be for the 20 cigar super-sampler and shirt!

This week it’s a big assortment of ‘small cigars’ and a CO tshirt! There are 5 different boxes here to give away, one each of the StogieBoys Dulce Dominicana – Cherry, Cream Coffee & Tropical Rum. Plus two tins of cigarillos from Drew Estate.

Comment below with how long you typical have to smoke when you enjoy a cigar, then use the app to enter. Entrants must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address. Ends in a week, good luck!

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  • wm2slc

    Congrats Sean!!

  • Sean


  • Guest

    2 hours….. but that’s assuming i’ll be buzzed for 45 minutes after i’m done (i’m a lightweight) lol

  • Ben706

    I have to have at least 90 minutes….sublime peace and quiet!

  • Vito Lumetta

    Whatever it takes. If you don’t have time to enjoy it then don’t fire it up.


    OK, I take my time with a cigar, as long as it takes to relax distress,its to me a mini vacation from all my cares in the world. typically a robusto 1hr a toro 1hr and 1/2……..I am semi retired so I never rush a cigar in fact if I HAVE WORRY ABOUT TIME…..i WILL JUST WAIT TILL I DON’T HAVE TOO… i Savor MY CIGARS I REALLY DONT SMOKE THEM

  • Doc 334

    I make sure I have between 90 and a 120 mins before I even think about cutting and roasting.