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Don Pepin Garcia Original Maduro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 11, 2014
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Don Pepin Garcia Original Maduro Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick is a very limited production cigar featuring an oily dark chocolate mottled wrapper with a slick buttery feel, firm pack, small veins, tight seams, triple cap and pungent hay and manure aroma. First light reveals a snug draw with good smoke production, full bodied flavors of a huge pepper and spice blast, deep oak woodiness and a long zingy finish of the same. The first third brings the body down a tick to medium-full, with an oily earth joining the wood on the draw. The pepper dies down until the finish where it builds back up joined by a bit of cayenne heat on the lips. Ending the first third 25 minutes in, flavors transition, dropping the pepper and spice for a slightly sweet creamy earth, with a deep substantial finish. By the band point it changes again, bringing back a deep pepper flavor with the oily earth core, dropping the wood and cream, finishing with some strength and long earthiness. Ending at 1:15 the last third kicked my ass, bringing strength to full and pulling back the flavors. NOT for light weights like me. Thank you very much to Philip Smith for sending this in for review!

  • LV2HNT

    Your right that did not look good…. ha ha. nice review. Might be one I want to try.. Will look to pick up a few….


  • LigaPrivadaFan
  • Carlos Reynard

    Another great review Bryan had me cracking up with the pepper description.

  • Tim G

    Thanks for the morning LAUGH ….Burning Foot… Burning Foot… Is now your Indian Name

  • Philly5800

    Bryan, thanks for reviewing my smoke so quickly. I was concerned because I wanted to make sure interested CO fans could go grab one if your review sounded good. I sent you this as a barometer because we seem to have the same pallet and I thought we were equal lightweights but apparently not because I just get a mild buzz from this one. In fact, I find the sweet and oily Maduro wrapper complements the spice bomb blend. Great review. I’m glad I contributed to a classic. Philip

  • dantheman1451

    Thanks do the good review I will try to pickup a few of these to keep in my humidor

  • yosef5

    A cigar that I would enjoy
    Thanks for this review

  • J. Eduardo Ortega

    Bryan it looks like Don Pepin gave you a hot foot! Pretty funny given that Pepin Garcia is a harmless old man.

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