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Dulce Dominicana Vanilla w/ Coffee Petite Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 4, 2014
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Dulce Dominicana Vanilla w/ Coffee Petite Corona Cigar Review

This 5×36 house blend from StogieBoys.com features a tan wrapper with a very soft squishy pack, small veins, tight seams, large double cap and extremely potent sweet artificial grape and cherry aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plumes of medium bodied soft smoke giving potent flavors of exactly what it says. It tastes exactly like sipping a light coffee with Irish cream in it! The finish is very short just leaving a trace of the coffee flavoring behind. The first third burns perfectly and being a short filler cigar only holds the ash to a 1/2 inch at the most. Flavors remain exactly the same, potent and smooth. Ending at 35 minutes the flavor wore off right around the band, just going to a grape like artificial sweetness and soft tobacco with a long finish for the last third. Thank you to Stogieboys.com for providing this for review!

  • Jehovany Ramirez

    I myself am not a flavored cigar person but I do like Irish cream. Might have to try one. Thanks for the review

  • yosef5

    Thanks for this review
    I do not like flavored cigars but this was a good review

  • dantheman1451

    Bryan did you enjoy this cigar? Because I am new to cigar smoking. I picked up 2 of these cigars and my question is would I need to keep them out of my humidor and leave them on my table the reason I am asking this is I heard that infused cigars should never be close to a normal cigar in a humidor as they will marry. Is this true?

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