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La Aurora Imperiales Maduro by Leon Jimenes Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 21, 2014
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La Aurora Imperiales Maduro by Leon Jimenes Belicoso Cigar Review

This 6.2×52 stick features a dark chocolate oily buttery wrapper with some mottling, discoloration, small veins, stretched seams, slightly soft pack and a dusty aroma quite like a vacuum bag. First light reveals a perfect draw with good medium-full bodied smoke showing a flavor combo of an oily, smooth savory earth with a long thick finish of the same. The first third burns wonky requiring a touchup. Flavors come down to mild-medium showing a sweet oily oak with a tobacco joining in for the finish. The 1/2 way point comes at 45 minutes keeping the same profile, needing just another small touchup, dropping the ash in a solid chunk. Ending at 1:15 the final third really ramps things back up taking the body back to medium-full with a big transition to a slightly sweet and creamy earth, bright smooth nuttiness and a wintergreen airy finish. Thank you very much again to viewer Randall Gorman for providing this sample for review!

  • Raz Amzaleg

    Thanks for the review B! Sounds good except the burn, but its typical to belicoso/torpedo..

    Can u please tell me the name of the music? I really liked it.. Very calm and relaxing..

    • I use ichillmusic.com

      • Raz Amzaleg

        Thank u brother!

  • Randall Gorman Jr

    THANK GOD LOL! I was hoping I sent you a good one. It has been so long since I sent them I forgot what I sent. I had burn problems with the one that I smoked too but was very happy with the blend. Thanks so much for reviewing it and I am glad you enjoyed this one lol!

  • Boucher207

    I love how excited you got during that last third hahaha another great review!

  • dantheman1451

    I also like how excited you got in the last third, I enjoy watching your reviews I am keeping my eyes open for a accessory giveaway.

  • dantheman1451

    congrats on your new bike? I am also a avid rider up here in Canada, however I can only ride 6 months out of the year as we have winter here. Cool looking new bike you have, when you mentioned your going to do upgrades to the stock, have you consider upgrading the suspension or “chipping the engine for more horsepower”

    • It’s already done from the factory as far as the suspension – fully electronic 🙂 It has 145HP and 100 ft/lbs. of torque – Having ridden the previous with less I know it’s more than enough as-is and still gives me 45 MPG on 87!

  • dantheman1451

    wow congrats on the bike again, you have a good new website as well, I will be watching both this site and the other site. I am looking forward to seeing more cigar reviews as well as the bike reviews. enjoy the bike. I know you may not be interested but a friend of mine has a new pair a RED bikers boots with steel toe they are a mans size 10 and a women’s size 9 I am not sure if he still has them as he sold his bike, at one point he wanted 90.00 cash for them I would ship them free to you if you want to buy them. let me know.

    • Thanks for thinking if me red would be cool 🙂 I’m a 14EE unfortunately so the black ones I have I was lucky to find lol

  • dantheman1451

    Wow 14EEE feet. Glad you where able to find a black pair of boots. Keep up the good reviews

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