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Cigar Journal Trophy Awards 2014

by Bryan Glynn, July 21, 2014
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Each year at the IPCPR show, the Cigar Journal gives it’s Cigar Trophy Awards in various categories.  Below you will find the list they just distributed.  What are you thoughts on the results?


  • sjabari

    Seems based on the limited selection of non-Cubans available in Europe. I’m curious why there isn’t a Cuban category

    • Senor Perfecto

      Because the show is in the US (Vegas).

      • sjabari

        Good point. Can’t believe I missed that.

  • Garret Robinson

    can someone help splain this please?

    • Brand. It’s rolled in DR.

      • Senor Perfecto

        Ironic, though 😉

  • Andy

    With so many fantastic brands out there, I find it difficult to understand how the same players keep getting the honors (especially for sticks that have been around for a while already). Not that these cigars aren’t good, there just has to be new blood at some point.

  • Chad Winston

    It’s tough to give opinions about these selections without knowing the criteria that was collected to make such decisions. Just looking at the brands and “models” I don’t think I agree with that many of them. Yes, most are big well known names and yes, they sell a butt-load of cigars under those brands but I can think of at least 3 – 4 other brands and labels that I would put up as being better. This leads me to the conclusion that size and money/sales/contributions must play a pretty good role in getting these titles…

  • Arthur

    Admittedly, my experience in OpusX is limited to one cigar, but that cigar was a pretty big disappointment. Not that it was bad, but it had very little flavor. Surely there is a better brand from there. The other categories, though, I think are pretty spot on…

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