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Vertigo Champ & Raptor Cigar Lighter Reviews

by Bryan Glynn, July 17, 2014
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Vertigo Champ & Raptor Cigar Lighter Reviews

This is a pair of very similar lighters both from Vertigo, featuring a lifetime warranty, multiple burners and a compact pocketable size, in between a normal and table lighter format.

Starting with the Champ, it features a three finger grip that only has the disadvantage of no guard for the top finger, forcing you to be conscious of exactly how you hold it lest you get a burn from the tip. The only control is a nice flip out bottom twist lever for the flame height that requires no tools. It has the unique feature of a small metal plate just in front of it’s quad burners producing a bright red glowing flame after the first few seconds of ignition to impress your friends! It retails for $28 and has a solid metal build with a small vertical push lever for ignition by your thumb.

The Raptor steps the design up a notch with a beautiful candy red paint job and a couple important features for the increase in price to $39. First the base has a flair which acts as a very stable platform allowing it to be used as a table lighter and sat down vertically, unlike the Champ. More importantly it features a top design giving you protection against the hot burner from ever contacting your finger, providing a much more comfortable use and grip. The ignition button is also much better designed, with a rolling pivot design and smooth rounded feel.

Thank you very much to LightersDirect.com for sending these in! Look for both in upcoming giveaway contests!

  • yosef5

    Thanks for this review

  • ptyler

    Nice Ghostbusters reference at the end!

  • dantheman1451

    Bryan thank you for the good review, this may sound like a dumb question but have you ever used a Zippo Lighter, I was told they are available world wide and I was told that now they have a Butane Version, what are your thoughts on them if you have used them?

    • Oh yeah, I had a bunch of them over the years, I was a cigarette smoker, quit in 2005. The insert for the zippos is not very good IMO compared to other solutions. Small tank, not so great flame. There’s a reason you just don’t see cigar smokers using them 😉

  • dantheman1451

    Because you mentioned that accessories are open to everybody in a giveaway I will be watching for them as I live in Canada. Again sorry for the previous question but I was curious to know as I really haven’t seen you review a Zippo

  • dantheman1451

    thanks for getting back to me, I will keep watching your reviews on accessories because you said that giveaways are open to everybody.

  • VeritasRex

    Brian, I have one of the Vertigo lighters called “The Intimidator”. It’s a large quad torch with a moveable barrel (from 45 degrees to straight up). It also produces the red flame. However, (yes, you knew it was coming), after about one tank full, the red flame when bye bye. It’s still a great lighter and I use it whenever I have a cigar.

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