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Vertigo Champ & Raptor Cigar Lighter Reviews

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Vertigo Champ & Raptor Cigar Lighter Reviews

This is a pair of very similar lighters both from Vertigo, featuring a lifetime warranty, multiple burners and a compact pocketable size, in between a normal and table lighter format.

Starting with the Champ, it features a three finger grip that only has the disadvantage of no guard for the top finger, forcing you to be conscious of exactly how you hold it lest you get a burn from the tip. The only control is a nice flip out bottom twist lever for the flame height that requires no tools. It has the unique feature of a small metal plate just in front of it’s quad burners producing a bright red glowing flame after the first few seconds of ignition to impress your friends! It retails for $28 and has a solid metal build with a small vertical push lever for ignition by your thumb.

The Raptor steps the design up a notch with a beautiful candy red paint job and a couple important features for the increase in price to $39. First the base has a flair which acts as a very stable platform allowing it to be used as a table lighter and sat down vertically, unlike the Champ. More importantly it features a top design giving you protection against the hot burner from ever contacting your finger, providing a much more comfortable use and grip. The ignition button is also much better designed, with a rolling pivot design and smooth rounded feel.

Thank you very much to LightersDirect.com for sending these in! Look for both in upcoming giveaway contests!

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