Contest – USB Drive, & Pin & Shirt OR 5-Pack

by Bryan Glynn, July 15, 2014
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IMG_5044This week I have another Camacho USB Drive & Pin set, plus your choice of either a CO Shirt OR a custom CO 5-Pack sampler!

To enter comment below with what the best cigar you have had in the last 6 months was!

Then use the app below to enter.

You can tweet once a day for extra points.

Entrants must be 18+ and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

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  • LunchBox87km

    Best cigar in the past six months would be the oliva melanio in robusto

  • Forest

    5 pack me

  • Lousal74

    Ezra Zion Tantrum

  • Forest

    Alright upon reading the rules of the contest…. My favorite cigar of the last 6months is the Aging Room F55

    • C Rob

      The F55 is on my “must try” list.

  • C Rob

    Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural in the Principe size. Loved it and well worth the money!

  • Mandobro

    Best cigar in the last 6 months, Alec Bradley Prensado

  • Al Quackenbush

    Best in 6 months…a Padron 2000 Natural Robusto. Incredible stick!

  • RyanPT

    Best in the past six months was the RP Vintage 1990.

  • John Hernandez

    Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Torpedo.

  • Reconn7

    The Padron 80 year, what a freaking treat!!!

  • MattyMatt

    I had a hand rolled cigar from a local cigar lounge that me and a bunch of buddies from work have been going to once a month. The owner rolls in the shop. A robusto with maduro wrapper. No name, no label…it just tastes damn good.

  • s5592c

    Ortega series D

  • ZombieJester

    Kentucky fire cured “Fat Molly”

  • fiatster

    Oliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio

  • Joe D.

    Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Churchill. On a scale of 1 to 10:
    Appearance/Construction: 10 (attractive golden color; absolutely no flaws or veins)
    Aroma: 10 (rich, smooth, pleasing)
    Burn: 8 (burns a bit unevenly – faster at the start, but slows down later)
    Draw: 10 (very easy draw from start to finish)
    Flavor: 9 (rich and smooth with hints of nutmeg, spice, vanilla; I
    subtracted 1 point for the slight leathery taste)
    Overall Quality: 9 (probably the best cigar priced in the $5 to $10 range I’ve ever had)

  • John Yang

    San cristobal revelation

    • C Rob

      I have one of those in humidor begging to be smoked!

      • John Yang

        I won a fiver for correctly picking the NFL winners for the last week. Great stick, I think the wrapper is from the Ashton vsg. Not as much Pepin spice as I thought but a great stick

        • C Rob

          Very cool! Thanks for the heads up on the wrapper. What kind of flavors did you get out of it?

  • willigeo02

    The best stick I’ve had in the last 6mo was a Tatuaje 10 Yr Anniversary in Robusto. Wow, what a great cigar! If you see one, buy two.

  • WyattJones

    Opus X

  • dantheman1451

    The best cigar that I have had so far this year is the nub and followed very closely by 601 red label by Espinosa Cigars. Bryan I live in canada but I HAVE A US ADDRESS AS WELL.

  • RoyL

    Chinnock Cellars Terrior. The Ecuadorian Deflorada wrapper has that elegant and stylish flavor only find in the landed gentry of cigars.

  • E$

    Diamond crown maxiums

  • sdh3237

    My favorite was a Cordoba and Morales Family Reserve and best of all i won it during a live broadcast.

  • Daniel

    Humo jaguar stood out as a great surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Dustin J

    Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

  • Ben706

    In the past six months…? I really enjoyed a Montecristo Sevens that my bro in law gave me…smoked it up on the Forth. Yum!

  • kevinhen16

    Miro cigar. Love those things.

  • ncapoccia14

    I was fortunate enough to have a Casa Fuente from their shop in Vegas. It was amazing.

  • yosef5

    I can not remember There have been so many good ones.
    But what stands out is a Oliva G robusto

  • Rob.n.Denver

    The Montecristo Media Noche Churchill

  • MongoJay

    Punch Rare Corojo. Great stick, great price.

  • Texican

    Nica Rustica

  • Candyman


  • madthomas

    Foundry Talbot

  • phillyb

    Nat Sherman Timeless

  • Kevin Carter

    Punch Rare Corojo

  • Carlos Reynard

    Honestly, a Flor de Todo Churchill. Cheap stick, but really a surprise at how decent it was for the cost.

  • Scott Herrera

    Partagas 1845 maduro

  • SethVulcan

    Excited about this contest. First one I’ve entered here, Bryan. Here’s wishing for beginner’s luck!

  • Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2004 by far

  • Brian Hirsius

    Oliva Master Blends 3 Toro. Nubbed it the night of my bachelor party

  • Ryan Reed

    la aurora 1495

  • Ryan Reed

    5 pack all day

  • Victor Salas

    The CAO Brazilia would be my choice. I didn’t even notice how close I was to burning my fingers off.

  • brybill

    Just had a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Torpedo that’s been sitting for about 2 years. Awesome…

  • Skot

    liga privada #9. sweet and creamy with a sneaky ninja nicotine kick. didn’t know what was happening to me til my leg hair started tingling. had it resting in my humidor for a year.

    • Skot

      worst cigar experience:
      three weeks ago smoking a Ghost Angel (torpedo) while drunk in the backyard, in a plastic swordfight with a couple buddies. I was hit in the head and had my arm smacked into the lit cigar, where the cherry stuck to my skin and slid, creating a three inch burn. I frantically dropped the cigar and it cracked. I brushed the ash off my melted wrist and tried to light it again, then back to the “fight”. Jon promptly plastic-sword-stabbed me in the neck, by which means the cigar was spat out and it broke the rest of the way on the driveway.
      considering, I guess it had decent construction…before…

  • yosef5

    La Duena quite an interesting cigar

  • lilrokstar

    Gurkha Ghost Asura

  • Tim G


  • kurngar

    Nica Rustica

  • RamzaFreak20

    Ave Maria Reconqiesta

  • Koach77

    Last night I had one of the best so far, not as good as Padron, but damn good. I enjoyed the Gurkha Ghost in Shadow. Very nice.

  • Parker

    Best cigar of the last 6 months – Partagas 1845 Extra Fuerte

  • Boucher207

    I loved the La Bomba 601 Napalm!

  • USA2ndAmendment

    That would be the Trinidad Paradox!

  • Brad Hafner

    Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 in robusto.

  • mcigar77

    Emilio cigars cayuquero

  • PAG

    Padron 1964 Maduro.

  • Michael Mikeshy Vega

    Padron Family Reserve 1964

  • chad1955

    PDR AFR-75 San Andres Maduro.

  • buffalo_pat

    Tatuaje El Triunfador

  • Christopher Brandt

    Oliva Serie V Melanio in Churchill sitting next to the pool and then walking down the streets of Williamsburg, Va during vacation. 2 hours +

  • Jason

    Nat Sherman 1930 Imenso: Salty and wonderful

  • Fonseca Vintage in Lonsdale

  • Luis M.C.

    Tatuaje El Triunfador Lancero original. Started off with a strong black pepper and spice heat. Then transitioned into a smooth, sweet chocolate, coffee, and leather. I now love, love, love Lanceros.

    • kellyj

      I love lancers also. If i can’t buy a stick in a lancero, I go for Corona or Robusto,.
      Churchills are good also.

  • VeritasRex

    I had a Rocky Patel Autumn Collection in churchill I really liked

  • sduran10

    The best cigar I’ve smoked in the last six months has been the “Room 101 Master Collection 2”

  • Christopher Brose

    Rocky Patel Sungrown

  • Kerner1994

    San Cristobal Elegancia

  • Firefighter40

    The CAO Brasilia

  • Jacob

    Padron 2000

  • carlos

    Cao brazilia

  • brsmoker

    Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

  • kellyj

    Last 6 months? Padron Family reserve 85th. Close second Opus x petite lancero!

  • Mike

    I would say the CAO Brazilla was much better then I was thinking it would be.

  • Gage Story

    Man O’ War Little Devil Side Projects. Like smoking a bottle of hot sauce, but really enjoyable.

  • Andrew

    Cuban Cohiba

  • Nick

    Last Night, Oliva Serie V, fantastic!

  • sacul74

    Would love to win, thanks!

  • geekfish

    la duena petit lancero

  • smoke dogg

    I would have to say the Ashton VSG!

  • BIG_Traveler

    WOW – There have been a lot of Great Sticks to think back on…I’d have to go with the Liga Privada Undercrown Dogma.

  • chief791

    In the past six months it would have to be the Pepin Blue Maduro. Very hard to find but an incredible stick.

  • Steve

    La Palina Maduro 50, it’s a beautiful stick.

  • RanceP

    Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

  • bluecrab1

    PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Oscuro Lancero

  • Steven Cavin

    Gotta say the H. Upmann Legacy was the best that I’ve smoked in the last 6 months. It was my first H. Upmann and I loved it.

  • Anderson B

    Hmmmmmm best since February (last 6 months) would between a Beheike 52 a friend gifted me ,Macanudo 1968 rubusto (my go to cigar) or my first AF hemming way short story. They all have such great memories attached 😉

  • Anna

    My favorite was the Rocky Patel 99

  • luispysc

    As a newcomer I don’t have six months experience but the best one I have smoked so far has to be the Macanudo Vintage the Perdomo reserve 10 anniversary champagne a close second.

  • brian wool

    Its hard to say my favorite. I am torn between the Recluse Draconian, and the Foundry War of currents Shoreham. Both are my most frequent smokes.

  • DavidKIT

    Headley Grange Estupendos. Had great great flavors and a flawless burn, now I’m waiting on a box of the corona gordas I just won off of CBid.

  • Quadfour44

    I just started smoking cigars so i’v been smoking only mild cigars to start. The one i’v enjoyed the most was the Nat Sherman Host.

  • Scott Wilson

    Liga T52

  • Risto Paatsama

    Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion Corona

  • Chris D

    Arturo Fuente Hemingway. Definitely the best over the last 6 months.

    • C Rob

      Which size did you try?

  • Emmanuel Burgos

    I can use the usb for school only bad thing is i tried that camacho cigar and did not like it maybe need more time

  • Emmanuel Burgos

    Montecristo Media Noche forgot to mention

  • Jehovany Ramirez

    i Just recently started smoking cigars and so far i really liked Baccarat Havana The Game.


    Diesel Wicked, I just wish they would make more.

  • Jason Sauer

    CAO MX2, first one I had and I enjoyed it.

  • Mark Schroeder

    My Father Le Bijou 1922

  • gregt38

    Oliva Serie ‘V’ Double Toro

  • grayrw


  • Paul P.

    Omar Ortez Maduro Torpedo. (Wins “best” by a landslide because it’s the first cigar I’ve had since last Fall, haha.)

  • Garret Robinson

    Padron 1926 80th Anniversary Maduro Perfecto

  • RobSpitz

    Alec Bradley Prensado loved the slight coco and coffee flavors.

  • Kevin Jordan

    CAO L’Anniversaire Robusto. I bought it because of the dark Maduro Wrapper and the deep red band that just looked simple and understated. One of the best smokes I’ve had in a good long time.

  • Kevin Jordan

    Close 2nd was the Drew Estate- Acid Windy City. It’s a flavored cigar, but I’d smoke one every day for desert after dinner if I could afford it.

  • kellyj

    Looking forward to my Angel share Opus X
    The Family Reserve Padron (85th) and most Opus X are my favorites!

  • Philip Perez

    CAO OSA Sol! Love it all around,plus at a great price!

  • Michael Jamison

    Liga #9, really enjoyed it.

  • Paul

    Loved the Alec Bradley Prensado I had a few months back.

  • Matt Diehl

    Hoyo de monterrey excalibur

  • dwtate5

    isla del sol robusto

  • bryan

    Arturo Fuente Anejo 77 Shark

  • Thrash

    Opus x last week.

  • Ellis

    My Father #1

  • Michael

    Partagas 1845 black.

  • Peter Janetatos

    Herra Esteli in all sizes !

  • AlecTheSmokeGod

    Flor De Las Antillas by My Father

  • Ethan Turk

    Rocky Patel Decade. Awesome smoke.

  • Tom

    The best cigar I have had over the last six months has been the Partagas 1845 black. It’s full body and full of flavor.

  • Todd

    A Behike BHK54.

  • Pasadena

    Toss up between the Montecristo Vintage 1999 and the Padron 1964 Anniversary.

  • Bullet20

    Ezra Zion FFH

  • Julio

    Perdomo 20th anniversary.

  • Jordan

    5 Vegas Classic

  • uncletouches

    Ashton Classic

  • djgilcrease

    Padron Serie 1926

  • Pat Rhyner

    Camacho Triple Maduro. Just bought a couple of H. Upmann Bankers that I’m looking forward to getting cut up and toasted

  • Rowdy Lax

    Habanos SIglo II

  • JimLimProject

    Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Double Robusto

  • Jon B

    Bucanero Full Sail Maduro

  • Bart

    man o war side project skull crusher

  • Bob Acoff

    Sindicato Corona Gorda

  • mlicon89

    My Father Le Bijou Petite Robusto…awesome smoke!

  • Sak Mcl

    Brick House Maduro Mighty Mighty!!!

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