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Buena Vista Seleccion Reserva 2008 Corona Larga Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 14, 2014
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Buena Vista Seleccion Reserva 2008 Corona Larga Cigar Review

This 4.8×50 stick features a dark tan softly packed wrapper with a satin feel, triple cap, minimal veins, tight invisible seams and just a faint tobacco and hay aroma. First light reveals
a perfect draw with copious amounts of smooth thick creamy textured medium-full bodied smoke showing flavors of a slightly sweet deep leather and earth with a long finish going slightly bitter but keeping the smooth texture. The first third mellows a touch to a medium body, taking the draw flavors a bit smoother keeping the sweet leather with a shift to a caramel. The bitterness slowly goes neutral through the finish which is still rich and long. The 1/2 way point comes at 25 minutes with the smoke still rich back up to a medium-full body. Flavors on the draw have dropped the leather going to a butter, earth and cinnamon combo, adding a touch of pepper zing through the finish. Ending at 40 minutes where it got very hot, the last third was unchanged. Thank you to MGMCigars.com for providing this for review!

  • John Withem

    As usual, nice review.

  • dantheman1451

    Hey Bryan, very good review as always, I have been away on business for a couple of months so I have missed quite a few of your CO live sessions are you going to be doing anymore of them? Also because I live in Canada if I send you a few Cigars that I have tried and really enjoy would you be willing to review them and give me your feedback on them? Please let me know before I send them to you. 1. CAO Flathead, 2. a couple of cigars from Espinosa Cigars one is green label and one is blue label.
    Sorry for so many questions but if you agree to review them how long normally would it be before you review them?
    I will wait for your reply back.

    • Thanks for watching and for the offer – it’s ok though I already have those waiting in line…it’s a long one lol! Yes I’ll be doing more CO Live sessions but am in no hurry, I need outside temps to go back down, it’s no fun for guests to be sweating!

  • dantheman1451

    Also Bryan the CAO Flathead that I had is not the same size that you reviewed, that is why I asked you, maybe I am confused about the Espinosa Cigars but the one I tried has a green label the other one has a blue label. waiting for your reply.

    • I have a bunch of the Flatheads back from the last show. They didn’t really impress me so I have not been in a hurry to review more.

  • dantheman1451

    Bryan thank you so much for getting back to me, and sorry for so many questions, I was trying to catch up on your website. I like the new link you added for everybody to get information. Keep up the excellent reviews, The Espinosa Cigars I have tried are the 601 red label and 601 blue label and 601 Green label. I hope to see a review of them one day.
    I have learned so much form your information and videos as I am still new into Cigars.

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