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Is It Mold?

by Bryan Glynn, July 5, 2014
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Yes, yes it is. Remember when I mentioned (a few times) that I prefer to bring my own cigars to a lounge to smoke? Well here’s another great example of why. I met with a manufacturer and buddy today at a shop that will remain anonymous to protect the guilty. It took me, no joke, 15 minutes to find something I wanted, that WASN’T moldy. Literally hundreds of open boxes just like this in the humidor. About 1/2 the inventory. There isn’t even a remote possibility they are unaware. If it were just a few cigars or a box or two in the place, I can see just not noticing it. But this is hundreds of thousands of inventory, at least. That leaves two possibilities. They don’t care, or they are passing it off as normal.

  • This is horrific, how can they not think this is important enough to fix? and why would they put them in there like that to begin with?!

  • Ken Showalter

    As we say up here in Minnesota: “Uff Da!”

  • Bullet20

    How sad!

  • ghoudy

    That is disgusting!

  • ghoudy

    That is disgusting!

  • Rex Stoops

    as we say in Indiana,,,GAH.

  • Mike C.

    Nasty! How do you keep a shop like that?

  • Cajun

    Unbelievable!!! Thanks for showing the true difference. I can now definitely tell the difference between plume and mold!!

  • VanZant

    what a shame

  • TimB

    Yeah they don’t care and will sell them to unknowing customers !

  • Jared Grillot

    This is at a shop? Wow… I had heard, but never seen. Outrageous. I mean, those Cojonu ’09s? GAH. They should be shamed for ruining such lovely tobacco.

  • Morgan Geoghagan

    That is unbelievable. If I walked into a shop like that and saw that, I would politely leave and never go back. If they have seen a downturn in sales it doesn’t take long to see why. No excuse for that. If you are in the biz you should take better pride.

  • Ben Smith


  • Kevin Maguire

    Horrible waste of Tats!

  • Raz Amzaleg

    Yuckk, it looks like a fu@&!ng sigar powder..
    This is disrespect to the cigars man..

  • danmdevries

    Wow. That’s awful.

  • Ted

    It is hard to find a good local tobacconist for a few reasons, but this has to be the worst. The local shops who try to pass off moldy cigars are the same ones who complain about people buying from mail order companies.

  • chad1955

    I appreciate your protecting the guilty on the website but I certainly hope you guys straightened the owner’s ass out while you were there!! That’s indefensible and so, so wrong….

    • There’s zero point. They know, nothing I say is going to change anything. People can run a business however they like. It just means I won’ be buying anything.

      • bryan122

        Hey Bryan. I just got a box that looks the exact same as these and retailer tried to pass off as plume. Is there anyway to salvage sticks like this or once mold is present then are they pretty much bad and I should be looking for refund? Thanks!

        • Refund. Salvage is for when it happens to you and you are cutting losses. Why would you buy a car that’s delivered all scratched up??

  • yk

    Bleu cheese flavored Kristoff cigars . . . Mmmm.

  • eric.hanson

    Always a terrible feeling when you walk into a B&M and a good portion of their stuff is moldy. It makes me even cautious to buy sticks I don’t see mold on because I know there may be some mold hiding under the band(s). So then I have to awkwardly leave after purchasing nothing from their shop.

  • rockjock

    Looks like plume to me, cough, cough

  • Gary ruffier

    I went into a cigar shop and seen mold on a box of cigars and I was talking to the owner I said is this plume here just to see what he would say and he replied you know a lot about cigars and then brushed it off right in the room like I’m that dumb but to just brush it and blow it off right around all the cigars didn’t buy and never going back

  • Senor Perfecto

    Bryan, was this a real cigar lounge with a walk-in, or was it a tobacco closet that sells hookah, head shop stuff, etc.? Hard to imagine a place that caters to the aficionado lasting long when their entire humidor needs to be emptied and fumigated in order to get rid of that much mold.

  • Skot

    When I looked up pictures of “mold” and “plume” on google image search, some of the same pics showed up in both searches. I think fewer people out there can even tell the difference from an educational standpoint. I once opened a box of ~~~~~~~ cigars (the steampunk carrot) coated in yellow dust. It smelled like peppermint. sent them right back. Thanking the cigar gods that I was not in the walk-in at the time. I went and blew my nose immediately.

  • MCCBarry

    Im curious, if you go to a cigar shop with your own cigars what do you purchase to warrant the use of their facilities.

    • Other cigars, that I want to smoke or review later.

      • MCCBarry


    • Don

      Kind of a neat idea. I never thought of bringing my own. I wonder if anyone really pays attention to walk in with friends and they’re smoking and you have your own if anyone would say anything. :-/ hmmmm.

  • Don

    With how many places have a huge inventory, do you think top level cigar shops just upkeep them by wiping the mold off of them?

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