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CO Custom Sampler Contest

by Bryan Glynn, June 28, 2014
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Another easy giveaway 🙂

Up for grabs is a CO Custom Sampler.

To enter comment below with where you would take out of town visitors in your area for a good time if they only had one day! Then use the app below to enter.

You can tweet once a day for extra points.

Entrants must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

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  • Mark VanSledright

    If they had children, I would take them to Michigan Adventure.

  • Cigar2

    No where baby. Cause I’m not a people person really.

  • Victor Salas

    There isn’t anything to do in the high desert.

  • ncapoccia14

    Six Flags Great America or one of the museums down in the city. Probably the Shedd or Field Museum.

  • Eddy13

    Lunch / brunch and a walk along the beach at Hotel Del Coronado..

  • Alex W.

    Floating down the river

  • americanpalemale

    I would take guests to the best breweries in town.

  • robert mackenna

    I would show them the desolate desert.

  • phillyb

    A fantastic sub place called “Southside Sub Shop”. Best around, and according to my relatives who have eaten there but live far afield there is no place better.

  • Carlos Reynard

    Sonoma wine country, Kunde Estates and maybe some lunch at the Girl and the Fig

  • RanceP


  • Forest

    To DC. The Capitol and museums then back to the local lounge Quartermasters

  • dyieldin

    1st up to the top of south mountain and a smoke, then over to the house of cigars for a smoke and a few beers. Then over to Gallagers on Baseline for a few more beers and smokes on the patio and them back home to my patio for scotch and a night ending smoke.

  • LigaPrivadaFan

    Depends on the guest but for most of my peeps we would hit up Binny’s get some libations and head straight to Casa De Montecristo and hit up the VIP lounge!

  • dprofaci

    Take them to the state campgrounds in upstate new york and enjoy an afternoon of fishing, hiking and a nice montecristo no. 2

  • TheDude

    I would take my guests up to the local mountains or foothills to a quiet meadow for a nice lunch and a smoke, and possibly a little fishing.

  • Ellis

    We’d go to Dim-Sum around the corner, then to Stephen State Park for a nice relaxing smoke.

  • yosef5

    To Yosemite National Park

  • cigarman33322

    To German Village.

  • Scott Wilson

    To Two Guys Smoke Shop!

  • To the Nation’s Capital.

  • Sak Mcl

    Probably over to Port-A, lot of nice restaurants and it’s the beach. If they’re family I’d take them to the airfield also!

  • Tim G

    Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Colorado

  • ABrooks80

    Well here in Omaha Nebraska I would take friends to The Old Market there are out of the ordinary shops to visit all sorts of street performers and a B&M that I frequent often they have a great selection.

  • Rick


  • Mandobro

    I’d take them to the back yard for BBQ and some good smokes.

  • spice bomb

    Two Brothers Brewing Co. in Warrenville Il.

  • s5592c

    To the lake for a day fishing and swimming.

  • Texican


  • Rob.n.Denver

    Take’ um out for a micro brew

  • Rob Beauvais

    The beach

  • 987

    Ace Beer Growlers for a bottle of craft brew, and then Southern Tobacco for a couple of their “Southern Blend” cigars.

  • blackshirtproud

    I just realized how boring my town is 🙁 The Wave pizza place, eclectic sort of joint.

  • willigeo02

    I’d take that person to Raleigh and the Flying Saucer. Have some great food and beer.

  • chad1955

    Depending on the time of year I would go to Sun Valley for skiing and snowmobiling if in winter and a few special rivers nearby for fly fishing if in spring or summer….

  • geekfish

    Probably Thatcher Park near where we live, great views of nature.

  • Morgan Geoghagan

    Blues tour in the Mississippi Delta

  • I’d take them on a few of the must see/dos and Vegas. Observation Wheel, Hyde to watch the Bellagio fountains (and smoke cigars), Casa Fuente (just cause and smoke cigars), En Fuego Cigars (cause it’s a great lounge and smoke cigars) Fremont St (hope it’s a Thur night and see my friends Zowie Bowie perform and smoke cigars) That’s a pretty full day..

  • brybill

    Arizona Memorial on Oahu, HI.

  • kevinhen16

    My idea of a good time has always been the trifecta of good food, drink, and company. I would undoubtedly take them to one of the many wonderful pubs Philly has to offer.

  • Brian Hirsius

    I live in New Orleans so I would take them to Coop’s on Decatur in the French Quarter for cheap New Orleans fare, then take them out to various jazz and music clubs, while hitting Crescent city cigar shop for myself obviously

  • gregt38

    Stone Mountain,GA

  • chief791

    I live in the NY Metro area. I would take them to the Big Apple for a great meal. Go to BB Kings for some cool blues and end up at Nat Shermans Flag Ship store for a great cigar.

  • bluesmanhop

    One day on Maui will wear you out. First a hike up Twin Falls for some waterfall fun. Then drive to Lahaina for lunch and a stop at Kapalua for some cliff diving.

  • Drwencke

    I’d take them to the Beer Exchange. Nothing like a stock exchange for beer.

  • tedski

    Depends on their interests and time of year as we have lots of variety:
    tour local wineries, drive along the coast, picnic at the beach, see
    San Francisco (GG Bridge, Alcatraz, Pier 39), catch a baseball /
    basketball / football / hockey / soccer game, hike mountain trails,
    snow ski, lots of great golf courses, etc. There is just too much to list.

  • Irwin Schweb

    NYC Baby. There’s soo much to do there and have a good time, haha

  • kwazee5

    Also in nyc – I haven’t checked out the new towers memorial, so that’s up next for the next guest

  • DrakeXD

    NOLA here, so for 1-day visitors the Vieux Carre, Cafe DuMonde, and Bourbon St. would all be on the agenda. Top the night off with some Tator Totchos at 13 on Frenchman St.

  • juliano c

    Bring the person in old Montreal

  • Mikey Mazur

    The Organ Mtns outside of las cruces. About the only cool thing around here. At least in my opinion

  • Krzystofczyk

    Go up to Sedona for the day, plenty of activities to do in Sedona, AZ.

  • apple-tech

    Here, Santa Fe. There is always some shops open in old town Santa Fe, NM

  • Koach77

    Here in San Antonio, TX … so many places, nowhere near enough time. The River Walk, The Alamo, Sea World and/or Fiesta Texas to name but a few. Then off to Club Humidor for a relaxing cigar and a brew.

  • Matt Berra

    Here in St. Louis, I would take them out to The Hill Cigar Company after a filling meal at Zia’s!

  • basimps

    I live in Charleston so everyone who comes down here has to go downtown and walk down market street and go walk down the Battery. There is so much history to the area and it is absolutely beautiful!

  • Thrash

    I live about 20 minutes from Cigar’s International’s super store and Famous smoke/leaf restaurant, so guess where I’d take them?

  • EA_Man

    Newport, RI

  • BIG_Traveler

    I live just outside Cleveland & am less than a hours drive to either the ROCK-N-ROLL Hall of Fame or the PRO FOOTBALL Hall of Fame; either of those followed by a Herf back at my house!


    Living in So. Cal. I would have to say Hollywood. You can do the Walk of Fame, Universal City Walk & China Town.

  • Christopher Brose


  • Al Quackenbush

    I would take them to one of our local beaches, grab an awesome dinner in Seal Beach, and finish off the night at my favorite tobacco shop.

  • Mike Dukes

    Kennedy space center

  • sdh3237

    I live in Utah so I would take my guest to see the red rocks of Moab Utah.

  • VanZant

    Downtown Charleston’s a pretty place

  • VWCC2013

    I would take them to a small section of town known as Historic Grandin. There is an old-timey ice cream/soda shop there right next to an old time theater (movie theater). After that I would take them into the rest of the downtown area and show them The Square, which has the local market, some museums (history, art, transportation, and science), and some of the best restaurants in town. They would probably visit a local southern restaurant, Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles, that serves the best chicken and waffles obviously but also some amazing catfish and other traditional southern food. After that they would hit up our local cigar shop, Milan Tobacconists, which has been in business for over 100 years, and I would treat them to probably some PDRs they have or whatever they would want to smoke.

  • Ryan Reed

    golf course

  • Bart

    i would definitely take them to gene and jude’s so they can have the best chicago style hot dog in the nation. Sight seeing in downtown chicago would be pretty cool too i guess.

  • Kerner1994

    Well here in central CA I would take them wine tasting.

  • Kevin Walsh

    Well there one place that everyone who visits the Philly area has to go atleast once and that’s to Pats Steaks for a “True” Philly Cheese Steak. Genos doesn’t count. They aren’t the original. Then maybe to catch a Phillies game at CB Park which is one of the best in Baseball. Or the strangest Museums you’ll ever see, the Mutter Museum. Some weird stuff in there. Thanks for running the contest Bryan.

  • Kegan Thiebaud

    In New Orleans, the one place everyone should eat is Commander’s Palace. At Commander’s not only is the service amazing, but the the food is the best, though it can hit your wallet hard. Nonetheless, they have an amazing bar next to a courtyard, where they let you smoke. A must visit for tourists and locals.

  • Eyeluvwied

    In Morgantown, I would take them to the main street on a friday night and help them dodge bar brawls while bar hopping. Since you can’t smoke inside a building here, I would finish the night at a bar on top of a building for a cigar.

  • PAG

    Philadelphia during the day, dinner in our area about an hour north and east of the city.

  • fatkid

    bar district called soulard

  • usackj

    Canal Park for the lift Bridge and drinking. Then Enger Tower for Cigars.

  • Chris Carpenter

    We’d go to Temple Square and smoke with the mormons.

  • Nathon Hagedorn

    In Cincinnati we’d go to the local brewery Rhinegeist for some craft beer follow by a catching a Cincinnati Red’s game downtown!

  • Chaz

    downtown nyc.

  • hocke68

    Not all that much to do in my town. But if they were beer/cigar lovers I’d take them to Mane Street Cigars, then to JJ Bitting Brewing Company for some good beer and a burger.

  • dwtate5

    i live in the middle of no where so i guess we would just sit on my porch and watch the wind mills in north central indiana

  • Joe Foderaro


  • pato1001

    I live in L.A. so I would literally have to flip a coin and use a process of elimination to see where I would take a guest if they only had one day in town!

  • Jrod091381

    Live in Myrtle Beach and would take them out on any one of our great golf courses then to Liberty Steak House & Brewery to sit out on the beer garden enjoy great craft beer and food.

  • John Franey

    Probably take them to our tiny Lake, followed by a hike

  • brian wool

    I take visitors to the sponge docks. I live in tarpon springs fl

  • jackaustin

    I would take my visitors accross the Bay on farry to San Fransisco and tour Fisherman’s Wharf, ending at the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory for some sweets.

  • Emily Schwarzmann

    In Cincinnati we would go to Findlay market follow by morlein lager house and a reds game at night!!

  • RyanPT

    Columbia, we would be out on the river fishing all day

  • wm2slc

    Congrats Victor!!

    • Victor Salas

      Thank you.

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