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Cigar Oasis Humidification Devices Review – Ultra, Excel, Plus & Magna

by Bryan Glynn, June 18, 2014
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Cigar Oasis Humidification Devices Review – Ultra, Excel, Plus & Magna

I was originally going to do separate review videos but thinking about it, that would have been fairly boring and repetitive since all share so much in common. So instead I go through them all talking about the differences and showing you the best uses, along with tips I’ve picked up after using everything for a while. I go through all four units, the Ultra, Excel, Plus, Magna and the wifi unit along with details about the parts and battery pack options.

  • LV2HNT

    As always some very good info. Bryan has saved me so much money by doing these reviews. Before I found CO I would do the trial and error method and spend a lot of money trying to find the item I ended up with. If Bryan has helped you save as much cash as he has saved me.. Donate $20.00 to the fundraiser. Get a chance to get one of the GREAT give aways.. Thank again Bryan.. Keep up the great reviews!~!

  • Koach77

    Well done. I will need one for a humidor project on a gun cabinet re-purposing. Not even sure how many it will hold but will be awesome. Already smells great without it being completed.

  • Raz Amzaleg

    Thank you for the information Bryan! You are the best..

    I’m inlove with Clowie, by the way.. She is so cute 🙂

  • nyccigarlover

    Really glad you did this review because I’ve had a question about these humidification units for a while. It seems like the plus (maybe excel?) would be best suited for my 500 ct humidor. My humidor is divided into three levels with cigars stacked on each level, so there isn’t all that airspace for humidity to move freely like you had with your humidor filled with boxes. Would you recommend a Ultra for each level, or do you think the Plus would be able to move humidity through all the crevices of the cigars from one level to the others???

    • Just an Excel

      • nyccigarlover

        That wasn’t really my main concern, I was more so asking if these units with well with multi-level humidors that are filled with singles.

        • Ah – it’s just fine, even with singles it’s not like you have any kind of seal between levels – it circulates just fine.

          • nyccigarlover


  • Andy

    Absolutely in love with that humidor Bryan!!! Can you do a review of it in the very near future?

  • Bullet20

    Thanks for the information on these devices, I had often wondered about these types of humidification units. Your video was extremely helpful. And I was impressed by end table type humidor, I had not seen one like that, so cool. I am currently using your idea of the coolidor. It works well! Hope you have a great day!

  • Preset21

    Bryan, thanks for the review. I just read it 6 months ex-post facto.

    I think the one thing that I have wondered about with these devices is the immediate area where the moisture leaves the unit causing too much moisture. An Ultra may be the best example for this: say an Ultra is mounted on the top of a mostly filled humidor (50 count-ish like your example). Can the area closest to the device fan/outlet have too much humidity and cause damage to the cigars? Especially if they’re not in celo.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I would say yes, I would not want a super packed little humidor with the outlet within a few inches of the cigars. Then again these aren’t meant for super small spaces…

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