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May 7


Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 in World of CO

I get a non-stop stream of requests to do a forum on the site and while I don’t think that to be needed (there are plenty of already saturated forums out there and they have been on the decline for years) a good suggestion was a Facebook Group. I can compromise on that! So for those that want to more easily discuss posts, reviews, meetups, trades, etc. here you go.

NOTE – I will NOT be actively moderating it. I have zero time for such an effort. If there appear to be any big problems I’ll bring in someone else to do so, but for now we’ll see how it goes. The rules are very simple: No trolls, no rude behavior, be civil. Other than that have fun! If you need to reach me (Bryan) do so through the site.

Yes I know some of you don’t use Facebook, sorry. The other option was a Google+ community and that’s even worse ;)

Click here to see the group:

  • Ben Smith

    Had some fun Friday night . . . Out of those, the best was the Tatuaje Cojonu 2012. But, they were all good.

  • Ben Smith

    More recent fun . . . That Fonseca was gifted to me. Tight draw at first, but evened out and was very good. I finished off that RP Royale with my hemostats! And, although I have had a couple of the La Jugada Prietos, this one was exceptional. The JH and AM were good, as usual. And I didn’t get around to that CAO Extreme. Of the other 3, that Illusione cg:4 was the highlight that day. Cheers…

    • Garret Robinson

      Ben, we have the same pallet I think. Some great smokes there. Enjoy!

  • 1RememberMe

    When did Bryan start disabling the comment sections on his yt vids?

    Anyone else notice that?

    • Bryan Glynn

      Don’t assume things. I didn’t. YouTube is doing maint. A lot of people can’t see any comments right now including me.

      • 1RememberMe

        Good to know.

        Was worried maybe some clowns were making the comments area an unfriendly place and forced your hand.

        I was watching, and laughing, at the roof demo vid and was gonna ask when you planned on the new gazebo and everything being done but it said comments disabled. Checked a few other vids, same thing.

        Glad it’s just a temporary yt thing.

        • Bryan Glynn

          Yes, and it’s only on mobile BTW.

      • Wayne Plata

        Bryan I don’t have trouble seeing can’t post gives me post failed

  • 1RememberMe

    So CA just named the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figuardo the 2014 COTY with a 96 rating.

    Won’t say I’m surprised, just had one in robusto yesterday. Probably burned through 10 or so of them since buying 2 boxes from CI recently.

    Still like the regular V in the double robusto just a smidge better tho.

    Thoughts on the Melanio snagging the top spot this year according to CA?

  • rexpepper123

    how long does the flavoring in a infused cigar last when stored in a humidor?

    • Garret Robinson

      I have no personal experience with true aging of infused cigars… mostly because infused cigars, for the most part are seen as taboo for most cigar aficionados (aka snobs). No judgement here though. Let us know how it goes!

      • rexpepper123

        im not talking about aging here sorry for the confusion. i dont keep them but my girlfriend does. she bought a box of oliveros flavored cigars as while ago im thinking like 6 months maybe. she keeps them in a humi i seasoned for her. i was going to ask at the live show but i forgot. i was just wondering how long the flavor in these cigars will last. i know aging flavored cigars makes them less flavorfull. id just like a time period of when they become normal cigars so she doesnt waste her box

  • alfe

    Hey guys!

    I have ordered cigars from the US in the past, and these are usually packed in zip-lock bags, without Boveda inside. Is this ok, when it takes approximately 2 weeks before I have these in Norway?

    I’m a little worried that it will dry out.

    Boxes are shipped in original packaging, without any extra plastic.

    • Ben Smith

      I live in the Marshall Islands. It usually takes right at 2 weeks, give or take a day. I haven’t had any issues. Of course, then I let them rest up in the humidor for a while.

  • Kevin Hawkins

    I have been watching these Diesel cigar reviews by Brian.. and getting very interested in them. The price seems crazy affordable. Are they as good as they seem?

    • Ben Smith

      All of the Diesels I have tried were good. But, dang, it’s been a while since I smoked one. I’ll have to dig into my stash and grab one before long. I think I’ve had the Unholy Cocktail, the Unlimited, the Delirium, and something else. I forget.
      And interestingly, I just came to the website to go check out the Unlimted video. :-)
      Of course, YMMV. Pick some up and check ‘em out.

    • Tye

      Hi Kevin…

      I regularly smoke many A J Fernandez blends including most of the Diesels.
      My favorite Diesel is the Unlimited in belicoso. For some reason all the diesels taste better to me in that shape. You might want to check out some of his other blends as well. He does blending for many other labels besides his own.



      Ps. I wish Brian would mention blender names of the ones he knows in his reviews.
      When I am able to, I use the blender as the starting point for selecting new cigars
      I want to try.

      • Kevin Hawkins

        Great advice. Thank you Tye. I had no idea about the blender. Great to know for future buys!

    • angsolo

      I highly recommend the Unholy Cocktail. I always have some in the humi. Consistently flavorful and well constructed.

  • Ben Smith

    Just felt like postin’ a photo of some of last week’s cigars…

    • Garret Robinson

      How was that Full Sail? I have yet to smoke that one.

      • Ben Smith

        It was very good. Easy draw, lotta smoke, great flavor.

        And although I can still taste the difference between cigars, and I can generally tell when the flavor is transitioning or just staying consistent, I have yet to develop the ability to say it was like nutmeg and cinder blocks with hints of boysenberry… ;-)

  • wisco1111

    Where is the best place to get cigars online ? I have heard a lot of bad things about the most popular online smoke shop that I don’t want to go through the hassle .

    • Garret Robinson

      and yes… never go to the one that starts with a T and ends in hompsoncigar

  • Wayne Plata

    I like cigars international I think they have the best prices and never had a shipping problem