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May 4

CO Custom Sampler Giveaway

Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2014 in World of CO


This week I’m giving away 10 random cigars to the winner! To enter just comment below with how you usually watch CO – is it on the website, in a YouTube app, mobile device, etc.? Entrants must be of legal smoking age in their state and have a US mailing address. Then use the app below to enter! You can tweet daily for more points :)

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  • Stephen

    Watch on YouTube with the guys

  • Daniel Sink

    Via iPhone…..usually at work.

  • benmt500

    Usually directly on youtube on my laptop.

  • Ryan S

    via YouTube on my phone

  • jeff powell


  • Fatroach72

    you tube on my phone

  • flowbee

    I like to watch on my IPAD

  • Mreyes78

    youtube…I get a cigar that you’ve reviewed and I watch you as I smoke it to see if I get similar notes that you do :)

  • Scott Horan

    My morning routine is from the website with my tablet to feed my obsession, then driving home I listen to a few reviews from my phone…sorry NPR!

  • Dylan Jones

    I am fairly new to Cigar smoking. I usually watch on my PC or Xbox via youtube. I have already learned a lot and will continue referring to your site for more quality information about cigars. Thanks!

  • Rod

    I watch and enjoy CO on my desktop via website and youtube and I also use my iPad mini to watch CO. Thanks.

  • chief791

    I check out CO on my laptop every day.

  • z0mbie10

    I usually watch on my Youtube app for my phone or tablet.

  • Joshua Mills

    I watch on my YouTube App on my iPad. Usually while enjoying a smoke!

  • Caleb Baldwin

    I tend to watch on Youtube or on my phone

  • rubenG

    I watch on my iPad.

  • kielq282

    On my android galaxy s4

  • digitalwheelin

    Most of the time I watch on YouTube but every once in a while I watch on the CO site.

  • spice bomb

    on the web!!!!

  • LV2HNT

    Watch all the review on the CO web sight with my laptop.

  • dgbison

    Watch mostly on the website, on my computer or tablet.

  • dwayne climes

    Watch mostly on the website, on my computer or tablet.

  • Jeff Hamlin

    Mostly a YouTube follower and enjoying it.

  • Mr Bill

    Congrats Morgan!! Enjoy!!