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CO Custom Sampler Giveaway

by Bryan Glynn, May 4, 2014
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This week I’m giving away 10 random cigars to the winner! To enter just comment below with how you usually watch CO – is it on the website, in a YouTube app, mobile device, etc.? Entrants must be of legal smoking age in their state and have a US mailing address. Then use the app below to enter! You can tweet daily for more points 🙂

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  • Docwill

    On your mailing list, so I just click and watch here on the website.

    • joel9059

      youtube app on my phone

  • eslifer

    website user

    • sherman

      Website usually

  • StarGazerBob

    I watch via YouTube on my phone.

    • raja

      Are you into astronomy or does your tag signify something else?

      • StarGazerBob

        I love astronomy but I’m just a backyard hack. 😉

  • sbakeritguy

    YouTube on my phone

  • MorganGeo

    I am usually on my phone and I bounce between the actual CO site and my YouTube app watching videos.

  • Derek


  • Rob.n.Denver

    Website from iPad

  • Jwilk2102

    I’m on the email list…so I see a new email and click it. Just that easy. Keep up the great work Bryan!

  • 17leaves

    Usually Youtube since I’m subscribed to your channel there.

  • WyattJones

    I watch of website.

  • Rex Stoops

    I watch CO Live on my souped-up 1994 Dell with Comcast 50 megs per. Ive only missed 1 show so far.

  • bar1978

    email shows up on my phone, then I grab my tablet and watch

  • Rocketman248

    I watch the videos on my phone while enjoying a nice cigar.

  • nickoli22

    I look for new videos on YouTube.

  • Leon

    I watch all videos on my Windows Phone. So technically, it’s on the YouTube website.


  • Mandobro

    Watch online

  • Todd

    Through the site or YouTube.

  • Rick

    Youtube on my iMac at home.

  • dwtate5

    on CO while at work

  • new2sticks

    I typically watch via the website, but I check YouTube as well.

  • dyshuk

    YouTube app for the daily cigar reviews… But a Venue 8 Pro during live events so I can type octopus.

  • Brady Burlsworth

    Through the website

  • geekfish

    I always go to the website on whatever device I am using: computer(windows), ios, or android.

  • Shovel

    I mostly view from the CO website. Sometimes from Youtube site. Usually just depends on what device I’m on or what website I’m on at that time


    Website and youtube

  • skalls

    I watch it on Youtube on my PC. I will watch it on my tablet or phone if I’m traveling.

    I check the website about twice a week. I check youtube every tday.

  • gsaltwater

    Thanks for the good instructions on the ulr learning about cigars and my computer stuff

  • gsaltwater

    Watch on my tablet

  • ZombieJester

    I usaly watch it on my phones YouTube app in the mooring before work.

  • Zac

    I watch on the site and subscribed through youtube.
    I check the site a couple times a day to see if there is something new.
    Also joined the facebook crowd as well.

  • willigeo02

    I watch from the CO web site. I check daily for any new reviews. Thanks

  • PsycotikMind

    I generally click the link in your emails which takes me to the site. I have no preference on device I use, whichever is in hand at the time.

  • cmbrose11

    I usually watch mine on the Youtube. Good videos!

  • BIG_Traveler

    I hit the website via my computer every day! I watch the videos full screen by hitting the YouTube button in the bottom right. I’m also subscribed via YouTube. I also use Google+; but I know you’re not BIG on that.

  • s5592c

    Here mostly, Youtube occasionally. Thanks for all the great stuff you do!

  • yosef5

    I follow you on my smartphone

  • gbcdeacon

    I usually check the site on my iPhone

  • I watch in the website and occasionally I’ll catch it on YouTube.

  • David1212

    Log into the website a couple of times a week in the evening when enjoying a cigar.

  • Jakob

    I typically watch through the website, though sometimes, I’ll watch it through the CO YouTube channel.

  • E$

    Get updates/posts from facebook (links to CO website…which technically is youtube embedded) and youtube subscription.

  • weimerad

    I regularly visit the website

  • bartpan23

    I watch on your website I check in at least once a day for new content. I appreciate any post you do Bryan.


  • iamhannah

    I usually watch on youtube or on the website.

  • yankeeman

    Almost always on my iPad – every once in a while on my Mac at home.

  • Turn4Chatter

    on the http://cigarobsession.com/ web site on my PC

  • Camshaft83

    I use the website and YouTube from my phone.

  • Gary

    I watch CO on youtube and read CO on my smartphone. You and I have very similar tastes in cigars.

    I have to reas CO website on my smartphone as my employer allows youtube but blocks most websites.

    I have learned so much about cigars on CO. I really like my CO shirt.

  • Ryley

    I watch both on Youtube and the website. I usually watch new videos on youtube (since I’m subscribed) but will hunt for old reviews and read your blog posts on the website.

  • nhahguod

    I watch on the CO website with my laptop.

  • chad1955

    I connect using my laptop and through the website. The one caveat to that is that a FB posting may lead me back to the website to read something specific.

  • PlatinumRespect

    I watch CO streamed from my iPhone (via YouTube) to my Chromecast on my TV.

  • Tommz81

    I check the website everyday.

  • DR

    Website & youtube.

  • LV2HNT

    I watch on my computer from the web sight. I look every day for updates and new reviews.

  • Peter Janetatos

    Always on my IPad! Usually while I am having a cigar and watching your reviews!


    I watch from the website on my computer, It would be great if these were done as a podcast on ITunes.

  • martialarts2020

    I get your emails on my phone. When I get a chance I go to your website and watch the review or check out the article. Thanks Bryan!

  • mufdvr6976

    from my laptop on your site!

  • rockjock

    I usually get first notice via email, which I click to the blog, then onto youtube to actually watch. Otherwise, I see it in the Facebook feed.

  • CameronM

    I watch your channel on youtube from my phone or ipad

  • bravoteam0

    Usually through facebook or youtube.

  • 987

    usually through cigarobsession website

  • Eric Courtney

    I normally watch outside on my iPad Air while smoking a. Cigar.

  • Cigar2

    Through YouTube..

  • ABrooks80

    I’m a registered member of CO I love everything Bryan does I relate to it very down to earth guy if you don’t follow that way you should. He’s even recommending a local spot for a different experience. Thanks Bryan

  • kmthiebaud

    I usually watch on both the website and youtube. Can’t get enough of the reviews, I think there’s a few I’ve watched several times because Bryan’s knowledge of sticks is just impressive.

  • cigarvita

    website user

  • Chacona12

    I watch it on my phone on youtube, unless there is a CO Live then ill go to my laptop

  • dyieldin

    Most time on my phone or tablet on YouTube.

  • RoyL

    Always love the background for your reviews. The perfect place to enjoy a cigar. We’re always waiting for the next great review.

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    On my desktop in the living room…enjoying a cocktail since I can’t smoke in the house…

  • texican8

    I enjoy it on my phone.

  • tedski

    I watch the CO website, either on my PC at home or remotely on a tablet.

  • jonboy22

    I watch on YouTube. Mostly on my phone, but occasionally on my computer. Thanks!

  • DmlCajun

    On my iPad and YouTube for for CO live.

  • Rhino F15E

    On my IPad using Jasmine

  • wm2slc

    I subscribe to your YouTube so when I get the email that there is a new one, I watch it.

  • theard

    On your website or by the subscription updates usually on an iPad while smoking

  • Tim G

    Web site,
    Face book,
    you tube

  • phillyb

    YouTube normally.

  • MarkInMemphis

    Mainly on your Youtube channel, but also on the web site sometimes.

  • cigarman43035

    I watch on Chromcast or on the web sometimes on my phone!

  • raja

    Via the website and less often on youtube on my laptop.

  • seanm


  • Krzystofczyk

    on the CO website.

  • davy d

    I have your site bookmarked and just go right to the website

  • Greg Bellante

    I ALWAYS watch your reviews on your C.O Web-site. I only watch Ralfy on YouTube.

  • Uncle Ray

    CO website and I’ll use either my iPhone, iPad, or my laptop, just depends on battery.

  • superdutyal

    I use the website

  • LunchBox87km

    YouTube and sometime the website

  • dexter1

    I watch co on my laptop everyday

  • kevinhen16

    I usually watch from the website, but I occasionally watch on YouTube as well. It depends on which site I go to first. Always on my laptop.

  • douglas77

    I just click thru the link to CO website/video from email.

  • Emanuel M

    I use anything and everything at my disposal. Be it my Phone, Tablet, or Computer. I don’t like to tether myself to one device. I do a lot of research and your web page is what I use most for video reviews . Any time I smoke a cigar I think to myself , I wonder what Bryan Glenn would say about this one. Then I look it up easy as pie. I do admit , I have been spending a lot of time on the facebook page .

  • davy d


  • RageSto

    I mostly watch from YouTube, or check the links from Facebook

  • above

    On YouTube from my phone but it just depends on what is most convenient…sometimes I’ll use my computer

  • lrogers

    I usually got to cigarobsession.com and click on the article. It’s YouTube link plays the video. Thanks.

  • Swede214

    Website, thanks.

  • ncapoccia14

    Most of the time I watch them on chrome cast via the YouTube app.

  • FTG2Voge

    I watch through the website.

  • riche51

    web site

  • bwehmann1

    I check the website every couple of days. Great work and excellent reviews!

  • kpoper

    I watch on my IPad mini. Sometimes I get on my laptop if I want to comment. I go to the website everyday.

  • Elijah Craig

    I would like to add that all the sponsors on your web site , which has become like my personal cigar review archive, are top notch companies. I do business with all of them and never had a problem. Im not going to say your website is the easiest to navigate. Sometimes I look for stuff and cant find it, then someone will post a link to help me . Mabe I’m just bad at the interweb. I really like going way back to some of your early reviews where your doing them in front of your house. Look how far we have come. I know you have cigars back logged for review, but mabe sometimes you can do a review on a stick just getting ready to hit the shelf. you know to generate excitement. Like the new Leccia Luchador out this week.

  • ryanc

    i use my phone through the website.

  • brianetz1

    youtube website from a google search 90% of the time

  • mm929

    I always watch through the website on my iPad.

  • thehokie

    I watch on the website. Either on my phone at work or my ipad at home.

  • brineil

    I generally check the website daily. However, I only log in if I want to comment. I use my iPad exclusively.

  • kwazee5

    iPad & CO website…also PC at work lol

  • Merodach

    Mostly watch on the website.

  • Lintman

    I usually watch on the YouTube app on my iPad.

  • RanceP


  • sdh3237

    I usually watch the videos on the CO site on my a Ipad.

  • juf100

    YouTube on my phone…sometimes follow the email link…

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Website and Youtube about equally.

  • casey

    I usually log into your website with my phone and see what’s new each day. it’s become somewhat of a ritual while I have my daily cigar.

  • Nicole

    I check them out on the website via my mobile or phonebook. On occasion I dotelepathic downloads via the astral plane…Only,if I can’t get an internet connection of course. The latter method is rather tasking & smoking cigars is almost entirely about relaxation for me. That’s why I pay extra for a quality internet provider these days.

  • cav8000

    I watch mostly on the website…occasionally direct from youtube

  • Nicole

    Phonebook = chromebook.
    Dotelepathic = do telepathic
    You are a loathsome creation auto correct…:@

  • Robert

    I watch on the website.

  • i usually watch videos that seem interesting from the mailing list, and click through to youtube from the CO blog post. i always watch at my PC.

  • cocker_dude

    I watch them on the website and occasionally on youtube if a review pops up about a cigar I’m searching for.

  • Daniels

    I check out your CO.com via my zoom for new cigar reviews. (And your other reviews and info too). Then, I sit back and enjoy what I’m smoking while watching. Thanks. I am actually smoking one of the cigars that came from you tonight. Fun!

  • scottnaas

    On the website!

  • rpharmrx

    Web-site, only my friend!

  • brusky

    I check the website regularly from my laptop and smartphone.

  • StefanR

    I mostly watch on Youtube on my computer… Sometimes I watch them on my phone at work.. 🙂

  • cmbdia

    I watch your videos on YouTube then read the reviews on here

  • strick9

    I usually watch through the website on the ole laptop

  • bdragon

    100% Website.

  • EmberBolton

    Usually a late night on Youtube or with a cigar on the deck.

  • Brent

    I have a short cut to your web page on my tablet. Quick and easy. I check in daily.

  • leahcim7001

    I watch on your website either on my kindle or ipad.

  • cioker

    on the website

  • HoboHowie

    I mainly watch on youtube. But occasionally I will go straight from the e-mail link on my phone.

  • jwbreeze

    I usually just watch on the website on my computer, but I’ll occasionally use my phone.

  • 99xpltd

    YouTube via iphone

  • Fudoshin

    Started out on Youtube back when you did the front porch videos now I just come to CO and watch. Everything from my desktop also.

  • Cigaruss

    usually watch from the website, although recently have been watching on YouTube. Most often watched on the iMac at home, but at times will watch on my laptop.

  • PAG

    Web site for me.

  • TacticalStogie

    I normally come straight to the Website now..

    I also like to use the Cigar review page when I am smoking a new stogie to see how my experiance matches up with yours.


  • MMorroni

    Always YouTube using iPad Air

  • Parker

    I watch directly from the website – typically while at work 🙂

  • pato1001

    I watch on the CO website!!!

  • jlbeachy

    mostly from my home PC straight to the website, YouTube app on mobile ( android)

  • Brad Hafner

    I usually watch on youtube, but sometimes I go to the site.

  • garret

    I watch most on the site via my Android (HTC One Max). The new stuff that comes through or when I’m researching for a new stick to try.

  • cigarguru

    I use the youtube app on my phone and tablet

  • reconn7

    Started out on YouTube but now I visit the site 2 or 3 times a week, both on my laptop and iPhone

  • roolick

    I found you on youtube, but I now mostly watch either your site, or via the youtube app on a Roku 3.

  • Chris

    found it by searching for reviews on google but I like to check your website out daily to see what new reviews you have. I also like to stroll through all the old reviews to compare notes.

  • I watch via youtube

  • EA_Man

    I found you on youtube, but you said that if I was only watching youtube, I was missing out and you were right, again.

  • chrislolds

    Watch through the website

  • hocke68

    I check the site every day on my laptop. And look up review videos on my phone while actually smoking.

  • Koach77

    On the website. Gotta love it.

  • Bigdave

    On my laptop every day. In the evenings I go thru the cigar reviews slowly.

  • aikido10

    I typically watch on YouTube

    • Dylan

      Website on my phone!

  • Bullet20

    First off, I really enjoy what you are doing, and by far you are the best around. Cigar Vixen, Stogie Guys etc, can not hold a “light” to you.

    I usually watch your videos on YouTube late at night on my Kindle. But then I am on the website almost daily looking at your posts. So a little bit of both I guess.

    Keep up the good work.


    Website via my Ipad

  • Jmaxf123

    website with an iPad and a cold beer.

  • DrVanNostrand

    I usually watch on the website via my iPhone …

  • smoke dogg

    I watch on the website from my PC.

  • Chaz

    website… either on my laptop or tablet.

  • AL

    On the website, via laptop. At work waiting for email to update in the morning. Often to pick out what I will buy/smoke at lunch. Or what I wish I could buy/smoke at lunch. Sometimes I just get tacos. No lettuce.

  • Tmurray311

    Almost always watch on the website sometimes on youtube if a google a cigar. Usually watch the review of the cigar I’m smoking to see if I can pick up on the same flavors.

  • mcigar77

    combo of youtube app. and co website.

  • Rick

    Website either on my computer or tablet.

  • VanZant

    Mostly the website. Sometimes youtube

  • tubamarc8891

    I usually watch on the website!

  • dman

    youtube if I caught it live website if I missed the show

  • Timmc71

    During the week I view the site only IPhone and on the weekends I use my laptop. Thanks for the contest.

  • Dude Here

    Always on the site and on either my iPhone or Kindle Fire while having a cigar. It’s fun to have a smoke then watch your review after to see how the palates compare. Keep up the great work Bryan!

  • teammac17

    I watch on my phone using YouTube app.

  • cram

    I always watch on the site while at home. I usually check the site every night before bed.

  • Matthew

    i am subscribed to the youtube channel.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I watch mostly from the website. Occasionally on my phone via YouTube app.

  • Matt

    I get a email then by clicking on the link I’m redirected to YouTube, from there I usually keep searching for new videos from CO to which I’m subscribed too. All from my phone.

  • jd_langley

    I watch from the website and YouTube via my cell phone.

  • kurngar

    I normally watch CO on my computer from the CO website. Occasionally I do watch it on my tablet while smoking

  • tjb5588

    I typically always watch on my phone.

  • MAbelloJr

    On a tablet through the website.

  • mjsaltmarsh

    I normally watch CO on my computer from the CO website. Lunch @ work I use Youtube with my phone.

  • utcards

    I always come to the site and watch!

  • glockmansteve

    On my phone on website

  • Senor Perfecto

    Youtube. Sometimes at work 😉

  • Seco

    I watch on the CO website on my desktop during my lunch brake at work.

  • LooseDraw

    I watch on CO website.

  • BenFig33

    Mostly Youtube app on my iPad.

  • Cigarnewbee

    YouTube app on my iPhone and ipad

  • cpellerin

    Suscribed to you on youtube

  • Jose Rivera III

    From my YouTube app streamed to my TiVo

  • americanpalemale

    I watch on the website.

  • chb2303

    YouTube on my ipad

  • Devin Groves

    Definitely a regular to the website. I stop by almost daily on the phone, tablet, or pc to watch one of the hundreds of awesome reviews.

  • Scott Wilson

    website on my laptop

  • Stephen

    Watch on YouTube with the guys

  • Via iPhone…..usually at work.

  • benmt500

    Usually directly on youtube on my laptop.

  • Ryan S

    via YouTube on my phone

  • jeff powell


  • Fatroach72

    you tube on my phone

  • flowbee

    I like to watch on my IPAD

  • Mreyes78

    youtube…I get a cigar that you’ve reviewed and I watch you as I smoke it to see if I get similar notes that you do 🙂

  • Scott Horan

    My morning routine is from the website with my tablet to feed my obsession, then driving home I listen to a few reviews from my phone…sorry NPR!

  • Dylan Jones

    I am fairly new to Cigar smoking. I usually watch on my PC or Xbox via youtube. I have already learned a lot and will continue referring to your site for more quality information about cigars. Thanks!

  • Rod

    I watch and enjoy CO on my desktop via website and youtube and I also use my iPad mini to watch CO. Thanks.

  • chief791

    I check out CO on my laptop every day.

  • z0mbie10

    I usually watch on my Youtube app for my phone or tablet.

  • Joshua Mills

    I watch on my YouTube App on my iPad. Usually while enjoying a smoke!

  • Caleb Baldwin

    I tend to watch on Youtube or on my phone

  • rubenG

    I watch on my iPad.

  • kielq282

    On my android galaxy s4

  • digitalwheelin

    Most of the time I watch on YouTube but every once in a while I watch on the CO site.

  • spice bomb

    on the web!!!!

  • LV2HNT

    Watch all the review on the CO web sight with my laptop.

  • dgbison

    Watch mostly on the website, on my computer or tablet.

  • dwayne climes

    Watch mostly on the website, on my computer or tablet.

  • Mostly a YouTube follower and enjoying it.

  • Mr Bill

    Congrats Morgan!! Enjoy!!

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