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Boveda Pack Deconstruction & Recharging Questions

by Bryan Glynn, April 27, 2014
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20101214bovida0004-EditI felt like indulging my curiosities more so I opened up a new and used Boveda pack to see what makes them tick and talk about recharging…

  • Rick

    I think what you have there is a sort of slurry solution possibly made of pulverized silica (much like what the heartfelt beads are made of) mixed with water. When it dries out you are left with the crystals you see. Sort of if you made a slurry with salt and water then let it dry out. Using the pulverized silica would give it a jell like feel until it starts to dry out. That’s my best guess for what it’s worth. Also, I have heard of people recharging them by placing in a small container next to a wet sponge and they gradually absorb the extra humidity back in. Don’t know about dunking them in water though but I guess that may work too. Like you said, they are two way like the beads.
    Thanks for the video.

  • mjsaltmarsh

    I throw the bags into a large zip bag with a wet sponge. When ever I need to send some cigar I put a pack with the cigars. Also reuse for my travel humidor. I’m not sure how long I can reuse, but if one ever stays dry and crunchy I just toss it.

    Thanks for the video.

  • WyattJones

    I use these in my table top humidors. I have a couple dozen that I keep rotated. Any one that throws them out is wasting money. If you want to throw them out let me know. I’ll pay postage for them.

  • hn4cigar

    I also recharge my packs. I usually put a small cup of water in a zip lock back and lay the packs that need recharging next to the cup. I just leave and forget. They get recharged just fine. I have done this for similar packs I use for my guitars that I put in guitar cases to keep their RH at 50-55. Those recharge just fine as well.

    • hn4cigar

      This actually prompted me to go check a recharge I had experimented with. Since, I have a couple of packs of 84% seasoning packs that I don’t use anymore, I use one pack of 84% to recharge a few 69% packs that were sort of dry. It’s been there for a month or so, the 69% packs are not fat, soft, non grainy, and happy. Ready to go back into my desktop humidor.

      • hn4cigar

        Meant to say the 69% packs are now (instead of not) fat, soft, and non-grainy.

        • Cigaruss

          That’s interesting. I did try recharging a 72% pack with distilled water in a zip lock bag. I actually don’t remember how long I left them together, maybe not enough, but it didn’t work. I might try a few more weeks like you suggested and see if that works. Thanks for the info.

  • Chaz

    Wow. I gotta try recharging. Hey Bryan… watch out for the Boveda secret police… you might be getting a visit- LOL!

  • Bigdave

    Simple logic. If you wanna recharge a 70% humipak? Just bombard it with 100%+ humidity for a few days.:)

  • leahcim7001

    I have gotten a few of these free with cigars. I only use them for travel. My .5 lb of heartfelt beads do the trick and are well worth the money. Being in a dryer climate (30% humidity) I have to recharge them once a month but that’s not bad in my opinion.

  • AngSolo

    Very interesting. I guess I threw away about $60 last year because I figured they couldn’t be recharged. The gel jars didn’t work well for me so I switched to Boveda but I didn’t like throwing them away so I just switched to Heartfelt beads a few weeks back. So far so good. I would rather “burn” money than throw it away.

  • Greg Bellante

    Interesting; I may be way off base here but these packs don’t look anything like the one’s i have been using, so i just wondered if they could be counterfeit or fakes of the real Boveda packs. These pack’s don’t say Boveda on them nor could i find the name Boveda on the patent showing on these packs. The Boveda packs i use are a light tan color and say Boveda right on them. These say Humidipak so maybe they are trying to copy the authentic Boveda packs. At the end of the day if they work it’s all good and well.

  • Texvet

    How about a series on straightening bent nails?

  • Richard Texas

    Reminds me of the the stuff that was inside a xikar humidity device I bought.

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