by Bryan Glynn, April 26, 2014
  • Cigar And Pipes Smokin' Deals

IMG_4746Hmmmm…..what could this be I wonder….the start of an epic fundraiser perhaps? 😉

  • That’s a lot of sticks…

  • jomo

    Haha, Bryan u have more cigars flowing in and out ur house then most cigar shops. So when is the BryanGlynnsafari taking reservations. Hahah. J/K

  • EA_Man

    “what could this be I wonder?”

    Um, something really generous that you would like to give me?

  • FTG2Voge

    Hmmmm, indeed.

  • LunchBox87km

    That would be an awesome fun raiser

  • Docwill

    Glad to help in any way to determine what to do with all those smokes!

  • cav8000

    Looks like the Leaning Tower of Stogies 🙂

  • yosef5

    Stogies for moola?!

  • LV2HNT

    Do tell… Do Tell…

  • fat cobra

    How about a raffle and the proceeds go to your favorite charity.

    • I JUST dropped off 2600 cigars to my favorite charity lol

      • fat cobra

        I was thinking more like a financial donation to boys and girls clubs or something like that.
        Just saying…… 😉

  • Daniels

    Pretty nice stack you got there Bryan. Whatever it is…it is going to be BIG and Awesome!:0) Looking forward to it as always!

  • jaytdang

    Hmmm, are you playing Jenga with the boxes?

    • PAG

      Is “Jenga” a new line of cigars known for their poor and unstable construction?

  • Jared

    There’s no fundraiser like an epic one.

  • Justin

    Maybe special prizes for two CO registered members catching each other out in public wearing CO shirts?

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