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Apr 25

How I Maintain My Humidity Beads

Posted on Friday, April 25, 2014 in Informational

20090314_cigar_0003I’m tired of the fear mongering I see passed around all the time about how to recharge your beads. I have been doing this for the past 5+ years straight. Some people love to tell you about what ‘might’ or ‘can’ happen. I tell you what did. It works great, ’nuff said. Feel free to disagree or do your own thing. I just want to dispel myths and show you what works.

  • cameronjm

    Ha haha I was sure I was going to be sent to cigar hell for using filtered not distilled water on my beads but you saved me Bryan. Great Video.

    Bryan can you do a video on the best way to touch up a cigar that is having burn problems?

  • byar

    Good job, Bryan.
    I use distilled water to soak the beads simply because the water out here in the country is pretty funky.
    In support of your soaking method, in several of my smaller humidors I use Cigar Mechanic (Beads in a container that can attach to the lid of the humidor) because they save space. The Cigar Mechanic instructions are to soak the beads for 45 seconds (which thoroughly saturates them), shake off the excess water, towel dry the outside of the container, and put the container back in the humidor.
    So soaking is the way to go.

  • santo316

    hi brian can i get some information on the brand of beads you use and those small tube containers? like where to find the and prices.

    thanks for the help

  • Moogula

    Thanks for the review Bryan. Been using two Xikar gel 4 oz. bottles but been having a problem with the humidity level here in Arizona with my new 100 count humidor. Now I am going to switch to the Heartfelt blue tube with the beads 65% xlage to keep in the bottom I am sold.

  • PAG

    The only product I’ve had problems with from Heartfelt is a small round humidifiers. The plastic mesh on one of two I bought is not as open like it should be. I have a half dozen of the tubes and they all work just great.

  • cigarsonist

    not gonna lie; i nearly shat myself when you turned on the tap water. like you said, “whatever works” but that scared the shit out of me. at what point did you decide to forego the distilled water and start using tap? or was it always?

  • peterkp

    Looking for info on the Heartfelt beads that Bryan uses/recommends, came across this vid / discussion… not only very entertaining like all of CO videos (and subsequent comical / weird-o-rama comments), but, best of all demonstrates a simple process even I can accomplish… thanks Bryan!