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CigarObsession At Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 10

by Bryan Glynn, April 19, 2014
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I want to thank everyone at Drew Estate again for having me, and I do highly recommend this trip to anyone that loves cigars especially if you have never done a tour. Frankly staying at the DE complex makes this hands down better than any other alternative as far as comfort and ease. Here’s my last short vid clip before we turned in, and a slideshow of some of the pics I took!

EDIT: Someone asked who attended this with me. Here’s the list!

  • bs_kwaj

    You lost me at ‘big black spider’.



  • jefftis

    AWESOME work on this series B.G.!
    I’m sure everyone agrees that the fast edit & upload from the time you got home to the time we got to experience them was greatly appreciated. Can’t say enough…it was like we were there too!!!

  • Chaz

    Tremendous overall coverage, Bryan. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Swede214

    Thanks Bryan, you did a Great job, enjoyed it, thanks again.

  • nhahguod

    Once again, super coverage. You accomplished what you set out to do: Make us feel like we were on the trip.

  • dman


    I watched every minute of the cigar Safari and it was great, loved it. I felt like I was on the trip. The way you covered the travel let everyone know what a long trip it can be. Covered almost to well. The only part I could not connect with was the heat and I am happy I couldn’t feel that. As I feel old and fat as well. Thanks again great job.

  • reconn7

    Well that was awesome set of videos! I’m not a photography buff, but the slideshow at the end was simply awesome!

  • brineil

    You are a true artiste, Bryan. Thanks again for sharing your awesome trip. Please consider the contest idea I sent you earlier. It always seemed to work for all the DJs I used to listen to in the past. Keep up the outstanding work!

    • smokethis


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