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CigarObsession @ Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 8

by Bryan Glynn, April 17, 2014
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Part 8! The afternoon was spent at the Joya de Nicaragua factory where we heard a very long presentation on the history of the company, history of the country, political scenes, etc. Joya is VERY proud of their heritage. Comment below if you ever thought they were just a line of Drew Estate, I’m curious…

  • glockmansteve

    Yeah, I definitely thought it was just a line of Drew Estate thanks for the info love learning more about the industry

  • EzyE77

    Never knew it. So just because they distribute them in the US it means Drew Estates basically owns them?

  • byar

    Yes, I know about their history. In the mid 70’s when I was just out of college JDN was my go-to smoke (Showing my age here). It is still one of my favorites, of course with much more to choose from.
    I follow their facebook page which gives a lot of info about their involvement in the country.

  • ptyler

    Really interesting history…thanks for sharing Bryan!

  • So it more of a “partnership”…

  • Robert

    Nice history. After doing a little research, I was amazed at how many cigar companies call Esteli home or at least have a base of operation there.

    • It’s only because each country generally only has one city based around cigars. Nicaragua = Esteli. Dominican Republic = La Romana.

  • smokethis

    Amazing job on bringing us this series, it’s like we were there..thanks so much B.

    No. Any seasoned cigar vet remembers JDN in tobacco shops long before DE ever came about.

  • nhahguod

    I have a cigar almanac written by Lew Rothman in 1980 that states Joya de Nicaragua was being produced back then, long before DE.

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