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CigarObsession @ Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 7

by Bryan Glynn, April 16, 2014
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Part 7! Green acres is the place to be…farm living is the life for…not me! Of course we hit the record week for heat in Esteli. It’s bad when you go out in to the blazing sun to cool off. Some of these buildings and rooms are just plain brutal for fat gringos like me. The things I do for you guys…

  • Vic

    The videos are greatly appreciated.

  • Tommz81

    How many free cigars did you smoke??

    • I was a little lighter than some because I was filming a lot. About 7 a day.

      • Tommz81


  • Texvet

    I noticed a couple of people in your group missed the dress code memo. Saw one guy stumbling around in sandals. How about the Gene Simmons looking dude w/ long shirt and pants!

  • ptyler

    Sweet morning bed head! 🙂

    Thanks for the packing tips! Making my list now.

    The videos are great!

  • Robert

    Am I correct in thinking DE is not in the farming part of the business?

    Also, I am amazed at the amount of labor that goes into making good cigars.

  • mjsaltmarsh

    Did you have an issues with your camera/lens and the different humidity levels between builds?

    I enjoyed your videos, thanks.

  • bartpan23

    awesome work Bryan, I really do appreciate this.

  • I absolutely love these videos! I want to experience this safari now! Awesome as always Bryan.

  • phaedron

    I’ll take a beer, a water, AND a cigar! Thanks for this series. I was thinking I’d do the Cigar Safari next year… but now I don’t have to! Thanks for saving me a bucket of money.

  • nhahguod

    Another great video. Thanks, Bryan. I appreciate the extra effort you make when shooting, like choosing a scenic backdrop outside when telling us the day’s schedule.

  • EA_Man

    Wow, a Green Acres theme song reference. Sing it Bryan!

    Just to put the heat into perspective, I had to scrape the snow off of my windshield this morning before I drove to WORK.

    I’ll give you the love and props for the great work on the vids and site, but you’ll be having none of my sympathy!

    ; ^ )

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