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CigarObsession @ Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 6

by Bryan Glynn, April 15, 2014
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Part 6 – my favorite one! More touring of the DE facilities and our blending session! This was really cool and I didn’t realize how cool until 1/2 way through it. Basically we had a big spec sheet and also lots of sample leaf on hand to smell, feel and smoke, to create our best shot. I think everyone came away hopeful, and the end result would be presented to us later on to take home.

  • Marc

    Really nice.

    Personally, this could have bin 5 times as long. Couldn’t get enough.

    Pedro was a great fit by JD. Seems really enthusiastic.

  • EA_Man

    I saw that the Stogie Review guys had said that they were doing a tour of the DE factory and I was wondering if you had hooked up with them – very cool.

  • Robert

    Did they show you the infusion process? Seems like a big part of DE to skip. JD was on hand to speed up the tour when it bogged down. finally, I be interested in your impressions of DE vs General or other factories you’ve toured. Is there a distinguishing difference?


    • Of course not, that’s an industry ‘secret’ they would never show that on a tour. As far as logistics and operation every factory from tiny to huge is just about the same. Is all a matter of scale. Multiply DE by 10 and you have the DR General facilitates.

  • Texvet

    Good job buzz boy…

  • MongoJay

    The Nirvana is fairly new. It is produced by Drew Estate for Royal Gold. A local place just started carrying it. All I’ll say is that it is definitely worth a try and I am looking forward to that review.

  • Zac

    Bryan, the “menu” for the part where you could blend you’re own looked very interesting and informative.

    Is there a way you could post the pages or do you know of a site that is similar to that would explain different profiles of different leafs, plants etc?

    • I created a PDF if it but noticed a copyright in it so I’m not posting it

  • USA2ndAmendment

    This was the best video yet! I love the blending session as I have seen it on some other’s video’s who did the cigar safari also. I would love to be able to do the blending. If someone is on vacation/taking a trip to Nicaragua and wants to go to Drew Estate for a day can they? If so, is there a quick tour/day tour for tourists or can you pay/do the blending part without doing the cigar safari?

    • As far as I know its only through the package tour. Its quite a setup and distraction for employees.

  • lefty177

    Was that the Natural Egg at 5:17?

  • Jared

    That is a LOT of Ligas.

  • Jared

    It’s not necessarily DON’T tell customs you were on a farm… just be prepared that if you do, you WILL get pulled out of line, so they can disinfect your shoes! It happened to us on our trip to Punta Cana, because we went to a horse ranch and private farm. It wasn’t a big deal, but you will 100% get pulled out of the customs line for it.

  • danmdevries

    So cool.

    Thank you for the video. Truly appreciate the effort. Short of winning the lotto, there’s no way I could ever experience this trip in person. Your video documentation is the next best thing.

    Thanks again Mr. Glynn.

  • I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I hope to go one day. These videos really show you what is all about. It’s not about a huge conglomerate trying to milk people for every penny they are worth. You can really see a lot of the honesty and hard work that really goes into the natural product.

    Thank you for filming and editing all of these. It’s been a pleasure to watch them all!

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