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CO Milestone Contest For Custom Sampler and Drew Estate Stickers

by Bryan Glynn, April 14, 2014
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20140408untitled0005-EditWe just hit a couple new milestones and that makes me happy, so I’m sharing my excitement with you guys!

CO is now over 5.5 Million video views and averaging over 1,000 new subscribers per month!

So what can you win? a full compliment of Drew Estate stickers plus a custom 5 pack sampler from me! Use the app below to enter. Open to US mailing addresses and those of legal smoking age in their state.

Comment below with how and when you first found CO to qualify.

Good luck!

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  • mcigar77

    I first stumbled upon CO just surfing YouTube.

    • cigarman43035

      Love drew estate!

  • I found the YouTube channel over a year ago. Great info and reviews on cigars and swag.

  • yosef5

    I found your site on ytube about a year and a half ago

  • MichHerper

    I was a new cigar smoker, looking for information about types of cigars and their differences. With a newborn baby at the time, I found myself watching reviews in the middle of the night when my daughter was awake.

  • rockjock

    Your following is well deserved. For anyone new to following CigarObession and Byran you will quickly learn he is a straight shooter and isn’t bought of by cheap trinkets like some other reviewers. Oh, I can be bought off with cheap trinkets.

  • 1kappasig

    Searching YouTube on how to season a humidor. Then my wife was yelling at me because I had been watching videos for a couple hours without realizing it.

  • Camshaft83

    A friend of mine told me about this site a little over a year ago and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

  • Ryley

    I had bought a cigar for the first time at a tobacconist’s suggestion and wanted to get some tips on how to smoke it, and what some other people thought of it. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • Docwill

    I heard about your sight on facebook from a friend and then followed you there and on twitter. Keep up the great work.Now I get everything on email.

  • byar

    I found cigar obsession while looking for reviews about a cigar I was curious about. I watched a few reviews and was impressed by the consistency of the reviews and that the reviews put the cigar first, did not try to get “cute”. information on the site is excellent!

  • s5592c

    I found your great reviews by searching online.

  • Justin

    I was looking for information on getting started with a humidor, and I searched “humidor how to video” on Google, and you popped up !

  • Tim G

    Just want to say Thank You for all you do for us “NEWBIES” With out all the information you provide to us for free… I would be lost… Thank you again.

    Tim G

  • HoboHowie

    I first found you around 2 years ago when I had just turned 18. I was looking for a good first cigar as well as how to enjoy said cigar. The first video I saw of yours was probably the how-to video.

  • phaedron

    Yay, stickers! I was just Googling for a review of some cigar or another before I bought it, and CO was at the top of the search results.

  • E$

    I was searching for reviews on youtube about a year ago. Kept searching for different reviews and your posts were usually the top result. Wanted to get an opinion on a few sticks before purchasing.

  • tispangler

    Found CO on YouTube years ago when searching for cigar reviews. Bryon, the way you enjoy your smoke reminded me of Lidia Bastianich on ‘Lidia’s Italy’ cooking show when she tastes what she cooks – makes your mouth water !

  • jefftis

    I found CO on my own after looking to try new Cigars & your videos came to me via Google search. I’ve only been a CO member since Jan 28th of this year & have been learning & trying new smokes ever since.

  • gbcdeacon

    Love the contests you have. Just wish I could win one.

  • EA_Man

    I found you on YouTube about a month ago. Great site.

  • CWoodsKilla

    I found CO because I bought my first few cigars and did a google search for tasting notes of those cigars. I don’t remember what they were, but after the first video I watched, I immediately subscribed to the YouTube channel and started checking out the website. A few years and a couple hundred different cigars later, I’m still a big fan!

  • chief791

    I found CO by using a search to find cigar reviews.

  • kmthiebaud

    I found you on YouTube about two years ago when I wanted to improve my cigar lighting and cutting. Thanks as always for the work you put in Bryan, much appreciated.

  • ZombieJester

    I was searching cigar reviews on Youtube and found you.

  • ofelix

    I found it searching on YouTube. I was just starting to smoke cigars.

  • Justin S.

    Had just recently started smoking cigars and was on youtube looking for cigar reviews when I found CO. Been a fan ever since.

  • mufdvr6976

    i found you over 5 years ago through another blog by luck and kept watching because the reviews are usually short, sweet to the point and your consistant with postings.

  • Rick

    Recently started smoking cigars and found CO while doing searches on youtube. Been hooked ever since.

  • hn4cigar

    Found CigarObsession a while back when I googled Cigar Reviews.

    Congrats on the milestone and it’s not surprising at all. I’m still here:)

  • JC

    I was just searching YouTube looking for some basic info, stumbled across the answering viewer questions vid and have been hooked ever since.

  • skynzep

    Bryan, I came across your site searching for information on humidor care I believe. Been here ever since! Your site is my favorite for cigar reviews.

  • Rex Stoops

    I found CO on YouTube as I was looking for cigar info and cigar reviews. It didnt take very long to decide I liked Bryan’s format and the way he reviewed items more then any other on youtube.!

  • 987

    I can’t remember how I found the site. It may have been when initially setting up my first humidor a few years ago. Thanks for everything since then!

  • pato1001

    I first found out about CO while searching for cigar review sites after I had been on stogie review and got bored because they didn’t do all there review on video.

  • phillyb

    I first found CO when I turned 18 and wanted to buy myself some cigars. The people around me weren’t exactly helpful, so I turned to the internet. Brian seems to have an excellent system for reviews and his descriptions seem to be predictably similar if not exactly the same as my experience. Thanks!

  • FTG2Voge

    I first found CO when I was brand new to regular cigar smoking. I didn’t want to waste my time or money on junk, so I looked on line for reviews and found Cigar Obsession. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • Gary

    Hi Bryan,

    I first found CO on You Tube when I was searching on hiw to properly set up and season a humidor.

    I watch CO everyday as well as HLO when it was broadcasted daily. (I muss HLO).

    I also enjoy your webcasts of the different cigar manufacturers.

    Thank you for all you do.


  • Deflage

    I found CO after I had just had my first cigar and was searching youtube for cigar reviews.

  • shawa

    Found CO through google and youtube, it was love at first sight.

  • strick9

    I found CO about 4 months ago while surfing youtube for cigar reviews and beginner cigar advice.

  • Brady Burlsworth

    Looking for a how to smoke a cigar video when I first got into the hobby. Yours was by far the best. Ive been following ever since.

  • efigueroa

    When I first started smoking I watch your video on how to smoke a cigar.

  • RockyTopRoller

    I first found Cigar Obsession when searching YouTube for videos on the cigar making process. I found this site in October of 2013.

  • denton2221

    I only recently began smoking cigars and your site and youtube posts are some of the main things that guide my cigar purchases. Thanks

  • iggznutz

    I first found you through many hours of diligent research and study, thank you.

  • Jedi54

    Discovered you on YouTube when I was looking up a new cigar I’d just purchased. Your review was spot on, I instantly subscribed and have been watching ever since

  • morpi167

    I found CO on youtube when I first started getting into cigars about 3 years ago. I just searched cigars I think, and I really learned a lot from you, and found that you had really accurate reviews, so I subscribed and watch all of your videos.

  • Todd

    I stumbled across your review of a particular stick I had just purchased, and instantly became addicted to your channel. It was about a year ago now.

  • nhahguod

    I found CO about 4 years ago. I did a fairly extensive study on all the cigar reviewers on the web at that time and found IMHO that Bryan’s site is the most objective. He comes out with new reviews on a regular basis, and I appreciate his consistent format and quality camera/video work. If not now, he will soon be the top cigar review site on the internet. Highly recommended!

  • Rob.n.Denver

    Found you on YouTube when I was looking for a specific cigar review. As always, your review was spot on and helpful. Thanks for all the work you do Bryan, it really is appreciated.

  • PlatinumRespect

    I found CO when perusing YouTube for general cigar tutorial videos when I was getting started in the hobby in mid-2013. I was looking for videos on how to season your humidor, proper way to cut your cigars, etc.

    Very informative stuff, Bryan. Thank you, you’ve provided me with a great deal of information… And I’m still learning!

  • jmmarowelli

    My best friend introduced me to Cigars early last year. I had never smoked and was rather intimidated! I searched “How to smoke a Cigar” and needless to say, there was CigarObsession! I loved your video, and have watched just about every video you have posted since that time!

  • tkpark26

    I started watching the YouTube reviews. After being a regular viewer for a while, I learned about the CO website and lottery. The free contests drew me in, and now I am a regular visitor to your site.

  • bluesmanhop

    Found while researching my new hobby.

  • superdutyal

    Found CO while surfing youtube bout 2 years ago .

  • I first came across a CO videos on youtube when searching HOW-TO videos on seasoning a humidor box. I felt Bryan’s video helped me out the most and provided great information. That then led me to his website, where I found a world of great reviews and info on cigars I probably would have never knew existed if it wasn’t for CO.

    Thanks Bryan.

  • hudsonspt

    I found your great reviews by searching online.

  • LunchBox87km

    First video I saw is how to smoke a cigar. I saw it on YouTube when I first got into cigars and it was the best video I had seen on the subject. Soon after I saw the video I joined CO

  • quackaddict94

    I was interested in cigars a few years ago at the age of about 17. I started watching how to smoke a cigar and other cigar informational videos when I stumbled upon your page. Have been a subscriber since then and have gone from never actually smoking, to a frequent smoker in the last few years.

  • bigdz74

    I was a cigar noon and wanting to learn more about cigars. When searching on YouTube, I found video about how yo light a cigar. A few years later, here I am always checking to see what’s new ands what’s good. I’ve learned a lot! Thanks!

  • btubesing

    I was first introduced to CO by a buddy and since then, I watch way more than he does!

  • jtstooks

    I was looking up a review for a 1990 Vintage RP, and I’ve been watching ever since.

  • Kerner1994

    I came across CO about a year ago on youtube looking for cigar reviews.

  • Krzystofczyk

    I Googled obsessed with cigars and this site came up, which is an awesome site, and I have been watching ever since. Thanks again Bryan for have this website and all the informational stuff on it it really helps out.

  • Ellie

    I found CO a little under a year ago when I was extremely new to cigars; I was looking up on YouTube how to properly cut, light, and smoke them. I saw your other videos, and decided to stick around. 🙂

  • ncapoccia14

    I found your website via youtube when I was looking for a review for a certain stick when I was a noob. Then I got sucked down the “rabbit hole” viewing all the previous reviews.

  • jwbreeze

    I found your website about four months ago, right after getting into cigars, I started on youtube first but quickly switched over to the full site.

  • tjb5588

    I discovered CO about 8-9 months ago when I was looking for a review on a cohiba red dot. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • I youtubed cigars and your channel popped up and was so happy there was reference I could go by and Ive learned very few other sites aren’t just schmuckery with hints of maple and a tad of mahogany haha

  • VanZant

    Found CO about a year ago searching how to season a humidor. Thanks!

  • I’ve been subscribed to you for as long as I can remember on YouTube! Love the videos and would love to win this drawing!

  • Jared

    I was just looking for a review of a cigar I was thinking of buying – can’t even remember what it was, now, though I think it was something cheap! It was over a year ago, and I was just getting started, and was still in my “There’s got to be something out there that is super cheap but still good” phase, and I believe I came across a cheap-stick shootout just by doing a Google search for reviews, and started checking out other vids from there.

  • IanVickers

    I found CO when I first started smoking cigars by searing how to smoke a cigar on YouTube.

  • jusphil

    When I started getting into cigars I would youtube reviews and discovered cigarobesession. I def. Enjoy all your videos and reviews. Thanks

  • Cigar2

    Entering to win? Congrats on the success.

  • kpoper

    Like so many …went looking for stick reviews…watch a long time… Some times I go back just to remember the various looks… Hair, watches, glasses ….! Congrats on the mile stone.

  • Merodach

    I found this website while googling for cigar reviews sometime in the summer of 2012.

  • RamzaFreak20

    I’ve been a member for about a year and I joined because I had a similar palate and enjoyed watching reviews to see what not to buy.

  • Dylan

    Been a member for about 6 months and I joined because I think you put out some of the best reviews and we have similar palates.

  • martialarts2020

    I first found CO on YouTube when I began to start smoking cigars. My brother brought me home a cigar from his base in the Army and I loved it. CO was a big help in teaching me about humidors, cutters, lighters, and the process of smoking a cigar. I would also buy cigars that Bryan reviewed so I could smoke them while watching to help me with identifying flavors. I can now go into a shop about an hour away and join conversations about cigars with seasoned smokers. Thanks very much CO!!

  • seanm

    1 year ago and i was browsing youtube looking at differnt reviews and realized you had tons of them then i checked out your website cigarobsession.com and i have been hooked ever since. i use your reviews to gauge weather i should try a stick or not. thanks for all the contest’s.

  • brusky

    In January I googled how to smoke a cigar and Bryan showed me how. From there I often refer to the reviews to get the profiles of cigars I’m considering and read any other blog posts.

  • lrogers

    I was on the Internet trying to find out more about cigars and just googled “cigar”. CO was one of the websites that popped up. I took a look and was hooked ever since.

  • Chris

    I found CO when looking up some reviews about 8 months ago after I had just started smoking cigars. Ever since it has been my go to review site to see what I might be in for prior to purchasing a new cigar.

  • ptyler

    About three years ago I decided to try and learn as much about cigars and the industry as I could…started to look at various cigar review sites…one of which was CO…been hooked ever since!

  • The_Donner

    I first ran across CO when I bought my first “real” Humidor. I was searching how to prepare my humidor and found the cigar reviews and everything else I needed to know here. Thanks for everything

  • Dawgfan7

    I was researching cigar reviews on youtube and came across your awesome channel

  • montyz

    I was seaching the net looking for information on how to season a humidor and found CO.

  • Sigurður Gíslason

    I in fact discovered CigarObsession when I first got into smoking. I was curious, needed to find out how to smoke, so I browsed on YouTube. I watched Bryan’s video and I learned all I needed to learn for my first smoke. Ever since I’ve hardly missed a video!

  • Turn4Chatter

    I first found CO about a year ago looking for the review of a cigar. Which cigar who knows there have been so many since then.

  • kevinhen16

    When I was first getting into cigars, I wanted to know the best way to cut, light, and smoke them. Your video on how to smoke a cigar was the first CO video I saw. After that, I saw you had reviews as well and began watching those.

  • skalls

    Stumbled across it when I was looking for a review of a cigar I was smoking.

    Can’t remember what cigar it was though.

  • Chaz

    Right around when you started I searched for a specific cigar review (can’t remember which) and just found you. Loved the straight forwardness and the format and have been with you ever since!

  • reconn7

    Discovered CO on Youtube while looking for a cigar review, been hooked since!

  • bar1978

    Cant remember what cigar I was searching google for, but you were the top selection and I’ve been coming back ever since…great quick and and easy reviews

  • iTURB01

    2 years ago I searched cigar reviews on YouTube and saw one video and immediately started my search with Cigar Obsession followed by cigar name from then on thanx C.O.

  • Tim

    Google search

  • fiatster

    Well Bryan, I was sufing the web about a year ago for some cigar reviews and stumbled upon CO and never looked back. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity.

  • bunker25

    I found CO on youtube about a year ago. Was looking for a review on Isla de Sol cigar which I think had mixed with co’s regular cigars. Keep up the good work.

  • Zac

    Surfing YouTube looking for info on cigars. One of favorite vlog’s

  • ktk7895

    I was just randomly sitting on youtube searching cigars probably two years ago and I found Bryan and just fell in love with his passion for cigars, seen every video since the !

  • above

    I found your “How to smoke a cigar” video while I was first getting into cigars on YouTube

  • Peter Janetatos

    Was fortunate enough to stumble upon CO looking for cigar reviews. Real glad I did. Thank Ypu!!

  • pedro849

    Congrats. been watching for about 2 years while watching reviews and figuring out my cigar likes/ dislikes. registered on your site less than a year ago and finding new cigars for my rotation thanks to your great reviews. Thanks for doing a great job

  • houleski

    watched all the videos when you where on the trip looks like a great sampler.

  • B5popp

    I found CO while watching a video from cutlerylover. Congrats

  • MorganGeo

    I found the site through YouTube over a year ago by searching for reviews. Always liked the CO style the best out of all the reviews on YouTube.

  • Senor Perfecto


  • mm929

    I found CO while lookling for reviews of a cigar I had received as a gift, and liked yours best. I have been coming back regularly ever since for your unbiased and concise reviews. Keep up the good work!

  • Bullet20

    When I was first getting back into cigars about a year ago, I found it during a internet search. I found the Youtube channel and that lead me to the website. Since then I have not missed a review. I think of all the review sites I have looked at, no one is really in the same league as you. Congrats!!

  • lefty177

    I first found CO when I was surfing YouTube for reviews of cigars I got & realized that after a while, they were all the same guy (Bryan Glynn) so I decided to check out his site like he always says to do.

  • Swede214

    This is the fourth year reading and watching your videos. I think I was looking for cigars blogs and saw yours, read you everyday. Thanks for the contest.

  • swanly

    When: CO Live with Barry Stein. How: through my hubby.

  • Meghan

    I found the site watching cigar reviews on YouTube. Your reviews are great!

  • Tommz81

    YouTube. I was interested in trying cigars. Found your site and loved your unbiased reviews.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    I first found CO on youtube. I had just started getting into cigars as a hobby and was looking for information on cigars and for reviews. I loved the videos right away and subscribed 🙂

  • Joseph Szeremet

    A couple of years ago I noticed your videos on YouTube. Which lead me to the website.

  • First found your YT channel a few years ago. I was looking for cigar reviews and you were about the only one on YT. Thanks for the give away! Cheers!

  • thrustn

    I found Cigar Obsession just recently via your youtube channel. I’m just getting into the hobby and your channel as well as this site are great resources. Thanks so much for all you do!

    -Travis Y.

  • cigarguru

    Been a member for a few months love CO and the cool contest they have

  • sdh3237

    About two years ago I was searching for a review on a cigar I was thinking about trying and CO came up on a google search. I have been a dedicated follower ever since.

  • Dude Here

    Like many others here I came across CO while searching YouTube for a review of a certain cigar. I found your reviews very thorough and entertaining to watch. Plus, there are a TON of them, lol.

  • kwazee5

    YouTube from a google search for what turned out to be an honest review!

  • dman

    I found CO by searching for cigars and reviews on the web. I am totally hooked. I check the site daily and have learned so much. I have been smoking for about 3 years and feel Bryan has brought me from a newbie with no palate to a place where I have tried over 100 different cigars and know the flavors that I enjoy today. Thanks Bryan

  • Dale

    Searching for videos on How To Smoke Cigars.

  • luisbo83

    I knew you browsing youtube because I saw a gentleman on the street smoking a cigar and awakened my curiosity to know a little more about it.

  • Daniels

    Hey Bryan, I found along time ago when you would review out front with Cloe peeking out from inside. I know I was looking for honest reviews from someone out to find enjoyment in this hobby of ours. You are the best bro. Keep em coming! 1000 per month is awesome!

  • codyfbender

    Found CO a while back looking for a review of a cigar, can’t remember which one.

  • paperman

    While searching for “intel” on the My Fathers line, I happened upon Bryan’s “smiley” face and wha-la! After the 1st review, I was sold! Told all my cigar bretheren, and the rest was history. I continue to “brag you guys up!” Keep up the great work!

  • dexter1

    I been a fan for two years now

  • Vic

    I have always wanted to smoke a cigar and once I turned 18 I began looking online for a cigar that would be a good one to start with. I came across a Youtube video review of the Isla Del Sol cigar. It became my first cigar because, as described, it was an easy smoke for someone who has never smoked anything before. That was two years ago and I am still enjoying this great hobby.

  • theard

    A little over a year ago I started smoking cigars. I was sitting on the couch and looking up newbie cigar info when I stumbled across your ” How to Smoke A Cigar” video and I was met with the honesty I have come to know so well. “The opinions in this video…opinions…are my own…” Needless to say my night ended up great with a Padron 3000, some Glenfiddich, and hours of information from your site. A year and a bit later I continue to gain knowledge from your site almost daily. You have so much great stuff on the site that I feel like I have only scratched the surface. Thanks for all you do!

  • garlar10

    a few years back i searched youtube for rocky olde world reserve maduro reviews. CO was the first one to pop up. I’ve been hooked since 😉

  • Emanuel M

    I had Just Started smoking Cigars and was looking up, How to stuff for noobs . Found one of your videos, I liked the way you shared your personal views and were humble to the fact , nothing is set in stone regarding cigars.

  • mlicon89

    I found CO a couple of years ago while browsing videos for beginners on YouTube. This is by far my favorite cigar site. Thank you Bryan for all that you do, it’s much appreciated brother.

  • TacticalStogie

    I had watched a few videos on YouTube, but actually came to CO when my brother made the recommendation. I have been here every since. Still a sub on YouTube, but come directly to the CO site now for updates.

  • PAG

    I used the Google to find cigar reviews and Bryan’s face was popping up all over the place. I liked the no BS review style and decided to stick around.

  • ClassikMike

    I was not yet into premium cigars, just cheap machine mades. I looked up on youtube a bunch of cigar reviews of “real” to see what they were experiencing. I was surfing and watching all these people do their reviews mostly amateur, until i came across the guy with the tiki torches in the background! I learned most of my cigar knowledge from this guy, and when my smoking buddy would ask me how i know stuff, I’d just say “look for the guy with tiki torches on youtube.”

  • Cody

    I found it surfing on youtube

  • DanaW

    I found CO wile surfing the net for cigar reviews. From the first video I have been a fan and even though I don’t have nearly the amout of cigars that you do I like comparing my results with yours. I have learnd so much about cigars from you. Thank you for the time you have put into this project.

  • dwtate5

    About a year and half ago I was bored one night at work and started searching youtube for cigar videos and have watch them ever since.

  • I found this site while looking for cigar reveiws on youtube and loved how informative the channel and site is.

  • cbaldwin96

    I first found CO when I searched youtube to figure out how to smoke a cigar…been with you ever since!

  • LV2HNT

    I found CO looking for good cigar reviews. I am glad I found CO most of the others are crap reviews or they suck up to the cigar companies. Bryan tells it just the way it is…

    LOVE CO…..it is the best!!!!!!

  • Axxex1

    I love the reviews. they are so helpful, especially for someone who is not what id call rich.

  • Tmurray311

    I discovered your site about a year ago when I first started smoking cigars and was looking for some good ones. I loved the reviews and this has become my first stop when searching for a new review.

  • aguerrero201

    i found CO on youtube about half a year ago

  • bartpan23

    I found your Humidor tips on Youtube and it lead me here. I think what you do is great.

  • DavidKIT

    I stumbled across the site about three years ago, I believe after searching ‘how to season a humidor’. I think I probably watched 30+ videos that first week.

  • bwehmann1

    I first found CO when I was looking for a review on a cigar, I ended up being led to the site and quickly became a follower. I would say it was about a year ago.

  • wm2slc

    I found an interesting YouTube video and found the site through that.

  • scottwilson@comcast.net

    A link from a friend to one of your giveaways is how I first found this awesome site

  • mattpdx

    I first found CO searching for a review of a specific cigar, been hooked ever since.

  • Timmc71

    I found CO through different post on Twitter and decided to check it out for reviews of cigar I was looking to try. Congrats on the milestone and good luck to everyone.

  • cmbrose11

    Found CO through twitter. Hoping to get some good review through here.

  • kurngar

    I found CO through a google search for a review of a cigar I was smoking. Been here ever since.

  • brianetz1

    about a year and a half ago i was starting to smoke different cigars and youtubed reviews and yours came up

  • texican8

    I found CO a couple of months ago on Twitter.

  • Garry Cawthorn

    I found and heard about CO on twitter about a lil over 2 years ago… Love all the reviews u do… I check the about 2 to 3 times a week

  • moose

    I found out about CO about a year ago on youtube and have seen every video since

  • omies

    I found CO by doing a google search for cigar information then followed the yellow brick road!

  • welder3610

    Found CO when using a search engine.

  • Ian

    I found CO about a year ago when I started getting into cigars and I was looking for information on where to start. Invaluable resource!

  • geronimo4

    I found CO about a year about when I was just getting into cigars. I was on YouTube searching for reviews on cigars so I could get an idea of what to try. Great content.

  • Josiah

    I searched YouTube for “how to smoke a cigar” and you were the top result.

    That was like a month ago, and before I had ever smoked a cigar. I just finished seasoning my first small humidor yesterday thanks in large part to you.

    Thank you!

  • JayK

    I first found CO a few months ago while looking for cigar reviews after a friend of mine got me started in the habit. I think I’ve watched almost every single of Bryan’s review vids by now, many a few times over. Obsession indeed!

  • jbrenn123

    I found CO on you tube looking at cigar reviews. Now I watch all the reviews.

  • jd_langley

    I found CO on YouTube searching for cigar reviews. Found this site the most useful for future purchases.

  • Harley Holmes


  • CigarMike5

    I started smoking cigars about 6 months ago after ending my 40 year affair with cigarettes, I was looking on YouTube for info on how to cut and light a cigar properly and found your channel. I’ve been here ever since. Thanks for all your time and effort on our behalf and congrats on the new milestone.

  • hocke68

    My brother told me about your videos about 4 months ago. I’ve been hooked ever since and check the site first thing in the morning every day.


    I found CO on twitter a while back

  • ABrooks80

    What a wonderful collection of stickers hope I win Thanks Bryan

  • americanpalemale

    I first found CO around Thanksgiving of 2013, when I was getting into Premium Cigars. Thanks Bryan for the contest.

  • smoke dogg

    I found CO on you tube and was impressed with the reviews and info compared to other sites. thx BG keep up the great job!!!

  • zay777

    Found CO online while researching cigars. I used to sell a whole bunch of cigars. I find your reviews extremely helpful for getting an idea of the characteristics of a particular cigar. Very objective knocked my socks right off. Whether it’s for recommending a smoke to a customer, to buying a cigar for myself. Great stuff hope you keep it up. Your reviews rock.

  • Koach77

    I happened across CO about 3-4 months ago as I began my journey in the cigar smoking hobby. From setting up a humidor to cutting and smoking cigars ‘the right’ way.

    CigarObsessions has been a regular stop as I try to learn more about cigars, Pro’s and con’s.

  • geekfish

    I first found CO on youtube when starting cigars smoking. Your introductory videos and Q&A were very helpful. Then starting visiting the website and now it is a daily stop for me.

  • sibley19901

    I just found this wonderful website this week via your YouTube videos. Looking forward to trying the samplers!

  • leahcim7001

    I first found your site via youtube searching for cigar reviews. I’m glad I did find your site because its a great wealth of knowledge about everything cigar related.

  • ashtonscottt

    I found like your YouTube channel almost 2 years ago in May when I first started smoking cigars. The first video was, “How to properly season a humidor”

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