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CigarObsession @ Drew Estate Cigar Safari Part 1

by Bryan Glynn, April 10, 2014
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IMG_4548OK I decided to stay up a bit while I unpack, unwind, take a needed shower…drink good water…and edit a little bit, get you guys something to chew on right away! Looks like even Day videos would be WAY too long so I’m just going to chop it up in manageable chunks and it’ll be 1 through….I don’t know, a lot. So here’s Part one – and I meant I’m taking you guys along lol

  • Robert

    Wow, that trip seemed quick. For some reason I thought you were gone all week. Anyway, I’ll look foreword to more trip videos as they are posted. Now, get some sleep!

  • phaedron

    OK, I really feel like I’ve been hanging out on planes and in airports for the last twenty minutes… and that’s not necessarily a good thing…!

  • yosef5

    Quite a travelog

  • PAG

    OK, I have to ask. How do I get the Joya de Nicaragua “Strong as Balls” t-shirt that guy is wearing in the first 30 seconds?

    • nhahguod

      That would be Jonathon Drew wearing that T Shirt.

  • LigaPrivadaFan

    That guy lol!!

  • EA_Man

    Was that you on the intercom before take off from Tampa, Bryan? That guy sounded an awful lot like you.

    ; ^ )

  • nhahguod

    I really enjoy the detail that Bryan provides. I like the non-cigar stuff that he shares with us. I also appreciate the non jerky video and smooth pans so I do not feel carsick after viewing. Looking forward to seeing more. Hope there is some footage of Card Shark Bryan winning at the poker table.

  • Paperbicycles3

    heh i was just in that airport

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